Canada to reinstate citizenship rights to “lost Canadians”


The federal government is planning an important change to how second-generation children born abroad to Canadian citizens can gain citizenship.

Since 2009, Canadian parents who were born abroad could not pass down their citizenship, unless the child was born in Canada.

Mackenzie Gray explains the changes, who qualifies, and what it means for Canadian parents who had children outside the country in the past 15 years.

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  1. He's trying to get there votes, cause he knows that us real Canadians are not voting for him. He is going to be doing anything and everything that has new immigrants involved. It's the old "I scratch your back and you will scratch yours." It's pathetic and low. Because at the end of the day, he'll give anything away just to stay in his position.

  2. Proposed change. Good. It means it's not happening yet.
    Explain the 'Canadian born outside of Canada' and whi ate living outside of Canada giving birth to who are not Canadians.
    Aw, is this his sneaky little way of having those kids being sent here to live or go to school?? What part of 'we're full' is he just not getting?

  3. Canadians should demand the right to recall any government that doesn't work for the best interests of Canadians. If Pierre doesn't address the immigration problem Canadians need to be able to pull him and his entire party out of power and find or start our own Canadians first party.

  4. Miller talks about fairness. In 2018 10,000 Micmac natives in Newfoundland had their status taken away many just because they moved away in search of work and were no longer in the community, Even a set of twin girls were separated by status. Thousands of families broken, destroyed and no one talks about it, it was not on any news network, all nicely swept under the carpet.

  5. What's crazy is I'm Canadian (born and bred) and cannot get healthcare as I've been outside the country since covid, now back working in Canada, paying taxes (that has never stopped) and denied healthcare coverage. However new citizens, immigrants refugees are handed all this


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