DEI INC. EXPOSED: How Liberals Splurged $30 Million on Diversity Consultants

DEI INC. EXPOSED: Liberals spent $30 million enriching diversity consultants

“Are Canadian taxpayers unknowingly funding a woke agenda through their hard-earned money? The shocking revelation that over $30 million has been spent on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultants across federal departments since 2019 raises important questions about the priorities of the government. Let’s delve deeper into the details to uncover the truth behind this massive spending spree.”

The Cost of Ideological Indoctrination:

“Digging into a 400-page Inquiry of Ministry document, True North discovered a disturbing trend of DEI contracts that seem to prioritize pushing ideological agendas rather than genuine diversity and inclusion efforts. From gender ideology to systemic racism theory, consultants are utilizing questionable methods to shape the narrative within federal departments. The expenses range from sex change seminars to transgender pride flags, raising concerns about the true intentions behind these initiatives.”

Big Spenders and Questionable Practices:

“The Department of National Defence emerges as the biggest spender in the DEI realm, pouring over $9 million into reforming the Canadian military through DEI ideology. This astronomical figure is just the tip of the iceberg, with other departments like Employment and Social Development Canada, Parole Board of Canada, and Canadian Heritage following suit with significant expenditures. The contracts awarded to well-known names in the DEI industry further shed light on the questionable practices being employed, from incendiary remarks about white supremacy to unsubstantiated claims about hate groups.”

A Violation of Public Trust:

“As taxpayers grapple with the realization that their money is being used to fund potentially divisive and ideologically motivated initiatives, it begs the question – is this a violation of public trust? The lack of transparency surrounding the specific outcomes and impacts of these DEI contracts only adds to the skepticism and calls for accountability. Shouldn’t taxpayer funds be allocated towards initiatives that benefit all Canadians, regardless of their race, gender, or beliefs?”

In conclusion, the significant spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants within federal departments raises red flags about the true intentions behind these initiatives. As Canadians demand transparency, accountability, and genuine efforts towards fostering diversity and inclusion, it is crucial for the government to reevaluate its priorities and ensure that taxpayer money is used responsibly for the collective good of all citizens.”



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