Why are Canadian soldiers going door-to-door?


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David Menzies reports from Hensall, Ontario, where reservists from the Canadian Armed Forces carried out a training exercise that saw soldiers knocking on the doors of local residents.
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  1. This is happening all over the collective western world. They are doing this in the Baltic states, Germany, Poland, and Romania…if I remember correctly. In Latvia (or maybe Lithuania) there are imposing a curfew while their military conducts these 'wellness checks', which is a 'practice run' for any supposed emergency.

    And what would you define as 'emergency'? Well, I know that where I live, here in Canada. the Trudeau government thinks that peaceful protesters are a reason to implement the 'Emergencies Act'…so yeah…I think there is a legitimate reason to be suspicious of these supposed 'wellness checks'.

    One could speculate that the government doesn't want us to fear the military, when they come running up on our door…for a supposed emergency. It sounds benign enough…right…but is it?

  2. Right… Time to debunk this stupidity…

    1) These flyers are for natural disasters. The CAF is under funded and cannot get to every one in time, specially those in small rural areas like this town. This flyer helps you prepare to survive while they get to you.

    2) They do not need to count how many people are in the house. The government has ID, a birth certificate, address, job etc… Of every one in Canada. Your phone is listening in on you 24/7 even if you tell it not to. You think a stupid flyer being handed to you about survival kit is breaching your privacy?

    Jesus Christ…

  3. They need to be in battle dress with packs to deliver flyers? First question, who gave this directive? Second, who produced the flyers and what is their political affiliation?
    Third, are they military (doubtful) or police playing dress up like their overlord?

  4. Another test of how will they respond, planting a seed in people's brains so they will get used to this after time, this gov is sooooo sinister ??????

  5. They want public to be use to going door to door to normalize it.
    Why would they need public to be ok with military going door to door?
    Gun grab is only thing I can think of as it the back stop to authoritarian over reach and property rights!

  6. I normally like Rebel News but they definitely went full retard on this one. The military has been used to aid civilians countless times during natural disasters, they need to train to do it efficiently. Trying to make it sound like its some kind of dry run for some secret "government plan" just makes you sound like an absolute moron.

  7. I know Canada is now imprisoning anyone who wrote any "hate speech" retroactively. And they're the ones who say what hate speech is…. The western worlds are being destroyed by the WEF and it will get worse.

  8. Pierre Polievre needs to speak to Canadians about this and make it clear what's going on. Canadians have had mire then enough stress. We absolutely should have been informed in advance.

  9. The military personnel and the people are being softened up believing in this as “normal”. Trudeau and his evil followers only need “a crisis”, to implement “emergency laws”, which in reality is dictatorship and tyranny.


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