Calgary council faces backlash and reverses single-use bylaw in response to public outcry

Calgary council repeals controversial single-use bylaw amidst widespread criticism

“In a surprising turn of events, Calgary City Council has decided to repeal a bylaw that mandated businesses to charge for single-use items and bags. The decision comes after facing significant backlash from the public and concerns about the effectiveness and necessity of the bylaw. But what led to this decision, and what are the implications moving forward?”

**Public Outcry and Repeal:**

The controversial bylaw, enacted on Jan. 16, required retailers to charge minimum fees for single-use items and bags. This included $0.15 per paper shopping bag and $1 per reusable shopping bag, with plans to increase to $0.25 and $2 by 2025. Additionally, single-use items were only to be provided upon request. The council’s vote of 12-3 to repeal the bylaw reflects a response to the strong opposition it faced from Calgarians.

**Considering New Strategies:**

Despite the repeal, council members have expressed intentions to work on new recommendations for a revised single-use bylaw. The goal remains to reduce waste going into Calgary landfills, indicating an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. This shift demonstrates a willingness to refine policies based on community feedback.

**Diverse Perspectives:**

Councillors who supported the repeal cited concerns about the bylaw’s efficacy and its imposition on businesses. They emphasized the need to listen to the voices of Calgarians and address their reservations. On the other hand, some dissenting voices in the council expressed skepticism about the decision, signaling a divide in perspectives on how best to tackle environmental challenges.

**Looking Ahead:**

As the council explores alternative approaches to reduce single-use waste, the focus now shifts to developing a new plan within the next few months. This process will involve engaging with stakeholders and debating potential strategies in council chambers. The outcome of these discussions will shape the city’s future environmental policies and initiatives.

In conclusion, the repeal of the single-use bylaw in Calgary marks a pivotal moment in the city’s sustainability journey. It highlights the importance of community engagement, adaptability in policy-making, and the ongoing quest to strike a balance between environmental conservation and practicality. Moving forward, the city has an opportunity to reevaluate its approach to waste management and forge a path towards a more sustainable future.”



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