Why Canadians are Choosing to Leave the Country – Here’s Why

Duncan Yuen is shown with his son, daughter and ex-wife. (Duncan Yuen)

“For some immigrants, the dream of settling in Canada is taking an unexpected turn. It’s not just about arrival, but also about departure. The number of newcomers leaving Canada has been steadily rising since the 1980s, according to a recent study. While better job opportunities and a higher standard of living may be motivators for some immigrants to leave, the reasons can often be more nuanced and personal.

Disillusionment in Canada

Nadia Bilal, a robotics and coding teacher in Mississauga, Ont., felt disappointment as she contemplated leaving Canada. Originally from Pakistan, she and her husband moved to Canada in search of a better life. However, rising costs of living, lack of support from the health-care system, and concerns about safety in the post-pandemic world have made her reconsider their future in the country. Despite her husband’s high-paying job, they struggled with expenses, and she felt let down by the healthcare system during her pregnancy. As she observed a rise in crime and overall lawlessness, she found herself longing for the sense of security she had hoped for in Canada.

Craving Change

Duncan Yuen, an immigrant from Hong Kong, made a life-changing decision to move from Canada to New Zealand in search of a new beginning. While Canada had been home for 25 years, he and his family yearned for a different lifestyle. The decision was not easy, considering the ties they had in Canada, but the allure of a warmer climate and a quieter city was enticing. Despite facing challenges such as a higher cost of living and lower wages, Yuen found fulfillment in his new home. His son, however, chose to return to Canada, showing how different individuals can have varying senses of belonging in different places.

Love and Sacrifice

Henriëtte Breunis, who had called Canada home since 1999, made the difficult choice to leave for her son’s sake. Her decision to move back to the Netherlands, leaving behind a life she loved and a successful career, was driven by her son’s health needs. Unable to afford the specialized care her son required in Canada, she found solace in the public healthcare system in the Netherlands, where his needs could be met. Her sacrifice highlights the challenges faced by immigrants with family members who have complex medical conditions and the financial burdens that come with seeking specialized care in a foreign country.

In a world where immigration is often seen as a one-way journey towards a better life, these stories shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by immigrants in Canada. It’s not always a straightforward path, and the reasons for leaving can be as diverse as the individuals themselves. As we reflect on these narratives, we are reminded of the sacrifices, struggles, and difficult decisions that immigrants make in pursuit of a better future. These stories serve as a poignant reminder that the journey of immigration is not always a smooth ride, but one filled with twists and turns that shape the lives of those who choose to call Canada home.”

(Note: The article is a rewritten version for originality and flow. The content has been restructured and reworded to create a more engaging and informative piece while staying true to the original theme and information provided.)



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