Provide your feedback on Calgary’s housing proposal at Franklin LRT station

Calgary seeking feedback on housing proposal at Franklin LRT station - Calgary

“Imagine a city where parking lots surrounding LRT stations are transformed into vibrant communities filled with people and businesses. The City of Calgary is seeking feedback on a proposal to do just that near an LRT station in the city’s southeast. This ambitious plan is part of the city’s housing strategy, aimed at utilizing city-owned land to create a more sustainable and connected urban environment.

The Vision for Franklin Station Development

Ward 9 Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra envisions the park-and-ride lot on the south side of Franklin Station as a hub for transit-oriented development. This strategic location close to communities like Albert Park and Raddison Heights offers a unique opportunity to enhance the neighborhood and create a more livable space. The proposed project includes mixed-use buildings, improved transit facilities, and investments in pedestrian and cyclist safety, all aimed at transforming the area into a thriving urban center.

The Community’s Response and Concerns

While some community members see the potential of the proposal and welcome the idea of more housing near the station, others are hesitant about potential spillover effects from the elimination of parking at the LRT station. Concerns about traffic congestion, parking availability, and overall neighborhood impact have been raised during the ongoing public engagement sessions. It is crucial for the city to address these concerns and ensure that the development plan aligns with the needs and preferences of the residents.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

As the city continues to seek feedback and evaluate different sites for transit-oriented development, it is essential to consider the long-term implications of such projects. By reimagining parking lots as vibrant community spaces, Calgary has the opportunity to create a more sustainable and connected urban environment that benefits residents and businesses alike. The proposed housing near Franklin Station is just the beginning of a larger vision for a more livable and inclusive city.

In conclusion, the City of Calgary’s proposal to build housing near an LRT station represents a bold step towards creating a more sustainable and vibrant urban environment. By engaging with the community, addressing concerns, and prioritizing the needs of residents, the city can ensure that this development is a success. As we look towards the future, let us envision a city where transit-oriented development is not just a concept but a reality, creating a better quality of life for all who call Calgary home.”



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