Discover Our Exciting New Book on 150 Years of Camera-Based Creativity

Groundbreaking New Book Explores 150 Years of Camera-Based Creativity

“Uncovering Canada’s Photographic Journey: From 1839 to 1989

Photography in Canada, 1839–1989: An Illustrated History is not just a book, it’s a window into how photography has shaped our nation’s identity. From the early days when it was considered a novelty to its transformational impact on our understanding of history, this comprehensive work by art historians Sarah Bassnett and Sarah Parsons delves into the captivating world of Canadian photography.

A Tapestry of Stories

With a rich selection of press images available for exploration, this book takes readers on a visual journey through Canada’s past. From the pioneering work of William Notman to the groundbreaking perspectives of photographers like Suzy Lake and Jeff Thomas, the volume celebrates both renowned artists and unsung talents who have left their mark on Canadian photography.

Diverse Perspectives, Unforgettable Moments

Photography in Canada doesn’t just focus on the well-known figures in the field. It also sheds light on under-recognized contributors who have captured unique aspects of Canadian life. From Chow Dong Hoy’s documentation of frontier life in British Columbia to Claire Beaugrand-Champagne’s intimate portraits of Quebec, the book weaves together a narrative that reflects the diversity and complexity of our nation.

The Power of Representation

Authors Sarah Bassnett and Sarah Parsons emphasize the importance of including voices from historically marginalized groups in the Canadian photographic narrative. By showcasing the work of women, Black, Indigenous, and Asian photographers, the book aims to spark new conversations and insights into the evolving landscape of Canadian photography.

A Legacy Worth Preserving

As the culmination of years of research and collaboration, Photography in Canada pays tribute to the scholars, archivists, and curators who have contributed to the study of photography in Canada. While the book may not capture every aspect of Canadian photography, it serves as a starting point for further exploration and appreciation of this rich artistic legacy.

Looking Towards the Future

In a world where digital content reigns supreme, Photography in Canada offers a tangible experience for art and photography enthusiasts. The print edition provides a tactile connection to the images and stories within, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the beauty and history of Canadian photography.

As we journey through the pages of Photography in Canada, we are reminded of the profound impact that photography has had on our understanding of ourselves and our nation. Through the lens of these talented photographers, we glimpse moments of joy, struggle, and resilience that have shaped the Canadian identity. It is a reminder that each photograph tells a story, and collectively, they form a tapestry of experiences that define us as a nation.

So, as we flip through the pages of this groundbreaking work, let us remember the power of photography to capture our past, reflect our present, and inspire our future. In the ever-evolving world of art and culture, Canadian photography stands as a testament to the creativity, diversity, and resilience of our nation’s visual storytellers. Let us continue to celebrate and preserve the legacy of Canadian photography for generations to come.”



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