BCCA secures major workforce development funding from LNG Canada

BCCA secures workforce development funding from LNG Canada

“Revolutionizing Workforce Development: BCCA Extends Collaboration with LNG Canada”

In a move that signals a commitment to the growth and development of skilled workers in British Columbia, the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) has announced a two-year extension of its partnership with LNG Canada. This collaboration will continue to deliver the Trades Training Fund (TTF) and CONNECT workforce development programs, with a renewed focus on supporting apprentices and jobseekers in northwest B.C.

Delving into the Details

The Trades Training Fund (TTF) program is a crucial initiative that provides training and support funds for apprentices in high-demand trades in northwestern British Columbia. On the other hand, the CONNECT program aims to match local jobseekers with construction-related jobs in the region. Both programs have been renewed through March 31, 2026, emphasizing the importance of investing in the local workforce.

LNG Canada’s significant investment of over $3.3 million in joint workforce development initiatives with BCCA highlights their commitment to advancing opportunities for local, Indigenous, and equity-deserving groups in the community. LNG Canada CEO Jason Klein expressed pride in the partnership, stating that their objective is to assist in building a skilled workforce for B.C. and meet the labour market demands in the areas surrounding their project.

Looking Ahead

The impact of these programs is not limited to a specific geographical area, as the TTF program covers several northwest B.C. communities along the Highway 16 corridor, including Kitimat. Eligible businesses with fewer than 150 employees can avail of funding opportunities, and individuals without employer attachments are encouraged to apply. This inclusive approach aims to create a diverse and skilled workforce that meets the needs of the construction industry.

As the collaboration between BCCA and LNG Canada continues to flourish, it sets a precedent for industry partnerships that prioritize workforce development and community engagement. By investing in training and support programs, companies can contribute to a sustainable future by empowering individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the construction sector.

In conclusion, the extension of the partnership between BCCA and LNG Canada is not just a collaboration; it is a testament to the transformative power of investing in people. By fostering a culture of learning and growth, organizations can create lasting impacts that benefit both individuals and communities. As we look towards the future, let this partnership serve as a beacon of inspiration for other industries to prioritize workforce development and support the next generation of skilled workers.”



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