Tommy you’re out I’m out but I’m I’m banned from leaving Albert I’m banned from leaving Calgary banned from leaving Calgary I have to see they want my I have to hand my part the conditions are conditions of release are I have to give a passport in in the morning I’m not allowed to leave Canada I said what if I just want to go home they said you’re not allowed to so there’s certain conditions I’m not allowed to I have to come here every Tuesday Wednesday and Friday and they have I have to give them the address of where I am um notify them of any hotel that I’m staying in but not I don’t I don’t understand it in the sense of um do you have to make any bond or shy you have to put any money up no bond or ass shorty now they just said I just have to wait now but I said when well how how does that make sense because what if I I I meant to go home anyway it’s my daughter’s birthday and they said well you don’t automatically you can’t go home basically you can’t you don’t have we you don’t automatically have permission to go home we’re taking your passport and you’re all waiting a hearing now obviously fixing these problems is priority one but in terms of your Canadian speaking to her we had you scheduled for Edmund tomorrow I’m not allowed to go to Ed they made that clear you’re not allowed to it says it here red de what’s red de Red Deer that’s a city in central Alberta okay that’s where I’m allowed not not allow South Red Deer says turn in your passport no later than 11:00 a.m. remain in Southern Alberta Red Deer to the USA border at all times that’s so weird and arbitr well that’s to stop me going to Edmonton is to stop me talking in um Toronto that’s the sole purpose of this which what I said the sole purpose of this is to stop me having discussions and talking in the cities I was meant to be in maybe we’ll have to reschedule that Edmonton event in Red Deer in red de yeah we’ll have to get a bus to bring our M antonians down to Red Deer now what this is all waiting for what like what are we waiting for is there a hearing they’re waiting for a hearing yeah they said waiting for hearing but I said how long can a hearing take they said they didn’t say so they said originally they were talking about holding me here they said they might hold me hold me for 48 hours and then transfer me to Vancouver on a plane 48 hours in this building or local jail in a jail so in a jail for 48 hours and then transport me in a plane to Vancouver in a plane to Vancouver why cuz that must be where their Center is so this was immigration and immigration yeah and and inside there were you just in I I was called into immigration I done a three hour interview immigration to come in it I’ve been I went through immigration I said that I went through immigration to come in it I don’t want you to say anything that you think is confidential that you want to share only with the lawyer but what exactly have they accused you of um they haven’t accused me of anything just immigration violations immigration violations and they said they detained me under have you ever been to Canada before no and they arrested me under a warrant did you get my recording from in the back of the car yeah where it was saying I was recording it in the back of the car and it was saying the man who’s off right cuz and you know what I’ll be straight up the free officers were lovely and they said this isn’t us that the cop the Cooper said that I believe that yeah they they they was really nice they’re really nice even then they were really nice they said look this isn’t us and and this goes cuz I said well how can I be held like what what you saying that I just can’t leave I haven’t even got anywhere I’ve got hotel room for a night how can I be held here for weeks and weeks he goes well you’re held we’re taking your passport tomorrow so you have to apply for everything well let me say this um you dealt with Alan Hepner on the phone spoke to him on the phone yeah in my experience he’s one of the top criminal lawyers in Calgary now and if this is more an immigration matter he’ll know the right people I believe just based on what you’ve told me in the last 5 minutes that it may be possible to get an expedited Hearing in front of a judge to alter these conditions yes because the conditions CU if I’m I’m in Canada I’m in Canada cuz these were just conditions placed on You by the police right there was no hearing there was no judge by the police now these are by the police to to if I want if I want to get out so you want to get outre to these conditions you did the right thing by agreeing to it just to get out of there the idea of sending you to Vancouver is insane they probably would have put you at the remand Center which is an awful awful jail here in town so you made you made the right decision by agreeing to those um we’ll be back here by 11: in the morning to give him my passport we’ll uh work with Alan or whoever immigration expert he advises to see how quickly we can get in front of a judge to vary these this is the police’s opinion and they had custody of you so they really had you before a judge I I believe so I’m not an expert in immigration law but I I’m glad it’s a Monday uh as opposed to a weekend we should be able to get you into court quickly Tuesday Wednesday what did I say it says on there Tuesday Wednesday Friday I have to be in here between between 900 and 12 so just to check in is that what you’re saying just to check in yeah check in on Tuesday Tuesday Wednesdays and Friday that’s Tuesday and Wednesday even that doesn’t even make sense that’s just I know i’ got the weekend go do what I want for the weekend well want I don’t want to me make light of things but I got to say I mean I was born and raised in Calgary and it’s a wonderful City I asked them I asked them specifically I said look your borders are open like every other country’s borders is this normal it’s four cars of officers turning up they were armed are all your officers armed are your officers fire they had Firearms when most police they are okay not in England I said is this normal to come and pick someone up I said you’ve seen what I was doing I was just doing a speaking engagement they said where have you been I said yesterday I I met uh enaf badawi that’s where I traveled here I met I’ve just met family spoke to him today I was talking about freedom of speech like you were talking about the very things that happened to you in the moment can finish this you talked you talk about law fair they mentioned the threat they mentioned a threat to National Security that’s what they mentioned you hear him in the car yeah what what did they particularize that no no one of the reasons you could be being entertained is for this reason it’s like free speech you know um as you saw had them out cuz I was sort of thinking not again not again and I’m in Canada well let me tell you we’ve posted a few tweets and a few short videos and even though it’s what time is it here it’s it’s it’s it’s late at night here it’s it’s not morning yet in the UK so it’s that time when North America and Europe are sleeping but despite that the the videos that we’ posted about your arrest have been seen hundreds of thousands of times and they’ve been retweeted by people who are shocked including Jordan Peterson by the way and I understand your schedule to to meet with him well it was scheduled now it doesn’t look impossible to does it well let me say the opposite I believe and by the way this was a federal uh thing this was Justin Trudeau’s Border Services this isn’t a local Cal Calgary police correct me if I’m wrong this wasn’t Calgary he says that didn’t he I recorded him so I’ve got the recording on my phone so I I recorded in the back of the car with my phone in my pocket and just tell me who instigated this and and he gives me the name doesn’t he he gives me the name on there and I think he said it’s federal government well listen you’ve had a busy you probably still jet lag because you just got in the country I know man let’s get I’m glad you’re out too yeah uh thanks for getting the lawyer he’s the best and we’ll get the best we’ll we’ll see if we can get before judge see if we can get these conditions all I want to meet the people in Toronto I still want to go I want to go to Toronto I want to I certainly wanted to meet Jordan Peterson and Tammy Peterson I’ve admired and watched them for a long time which is what I said to them that I’m not I’m not here as a risk I’m here as a journal I’m a journalist did any of them watch the presentation no they were waiting outside till it was over yeah well I just I went upstairs and then and as I come walking outside they just come running over so they did they handcuff you yeah they did they why would they do that me be my back yeah that’s outrageous yeah I said that to them as well as I was back in the back of the car just take my handcuff St man at least unlik the Metropolitan Police who didn’t in Peppers spay you no they didn’t and you know what they were really nice I’m going to say I don’t think they liked what had what they were doing and in fact they were saying he said I asked him multiple times he said I can’t comment on our country’s situation and I can’t comment on on on any of these things Tommy and he kept it they seem very sympathetic you know Calgary is the freest they seem very nice the police officers are very nice they will shoot my hand on the way out the door as well they just said look like this is what it is this has come and they said this isn’t our decision yeah they made that very clear this isn’t our decision none of it’s our decision you hand your passport in whether you can leave the country it’s not down to us it’s from up there well it’s it’s pretty late and I and I know you’ll be wanting some sleep if they try and help me in the country so I miss July 27th I wonder if they’re going to try and hold me in Canada for months I’ve got lots going on in the UK that’s what I was thinking that they going to detain me and keep me here for months cuz he said like it’s not up to you when you go home you can’t just go home well that’s Madness and I listen what said that’s their opinion as police that’s not I I think get in front of a judge you came to this country to do public interest journalism speaking you came by invitation of gadad and and Tammy and Jordan Peterson you came here in good faith didn’t go Faith I’ve had a nice time I’ve been in Montreal I said to them I’ve been in Montreal for a week I had a lovely time I said I went went to the bad badawi yesterday for dinner I said I’ve come here now with Rebel media said I worked for Rebel for 2 years since I’ve come to thank their supporters what’s the problem what I done understand the problem it’s not like there’s been a high-risk event it’s not like there’s been any protests there wasn’t a single protester at the event tonight nothing it was a nice event wasn’t it I really just I was just about to go get some did us we just found the name of the best steakhouse in the city it’s like boom well we’ll help you out um we’ll get whatever lawyer I mean I I’m from this town so I I think we’ve got some friends that we can get together to help folks if you want to chip in to help cover the criminal lawyer who did his work tonight and the immigration lawyer that we’ll likely need um I’m not an expert in these matters but it seems to me that step one is to get before an actual judge and have these conditions varied I do not believe it makes sense to keep you here indef yeah inde definitely for how long that’s what I said for how long I asked him for how long he said so we’re going to get right on this first thing in the morning I’m glad you’re out I’m glad you’re not staying in a cell if you want to help cover the lawyers the criminal lawyer the immigration lawyer go to Tom I was planning on spending tomorrow going up to Edmonton with you so you know we’ll we’ll spend the day we’ll spend the day lawyering I don’t know what we can do with our Edmonton event other than cancel it I mean we could try and bust them down to Red Deer but that I think we got to focus instead on getting you a legal solution Tommy I’m glad you’re out cheers everyone cheers thanks everyone

| His release conditions require that Tommy turn in his passport and remain in southern Alberta, and he cannot leave Canada! Tomorrow we work on fixing that. Help us help Tommy by crowdfunding the best lawyer in Alberta at

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  1. My very first thought when i heard this, was this is khan stopping him from doing the 27th , i think london got on the phone and told them to keep him there .

  2. Canada has become a very dangerous f….. up country. The federal establishment is crushing our freedom of speech and they this to steel the next election in Canada like biden stole Americans election. Very troubling and dangerous time is coming in Canada.


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