St. Paul’s byelection: Conservatives swipe historical Toronto stronghold from Trudeau’s Liberals


a longtime liberal writing appears to have flipped with the early results coming in for Monday’s Federal byelection in Toronto St Paul’s with more on the results Jaden Lee Lincoln joins us from Forest Hill Village good morning Jaden good morning Candace well this is a huge upset for the Liberals uh an official result suggesting that Dawn Stewart a Conservative candidate has uh won this election we have a Graphic that will show you here just so that you can kind of see the numbers 40 2% of the vote going to Dawn Stewart Lesley church with 40% of the vote uh 100% of the polls uh now in now keep in mind this has been a red riding for nearly three decades so for it to turn blue is sending a massive message to the Trudeau liberals who’ve slipped in popularity according to recent popularity polls over the last few months now a lot of time and resources went into campaigning um for this uh byelection more than you would expect for a byelection lesie church was looking to step up to the plate as the next liberal MP and some big liberal names uh and cabinet ministers were out here campaigning uh with her during um her campaign uh the Prime Minister even joining her at one of her campaign events at the end of May uh meantime conservative leader Pier PV was actually out door knocking with candidate Don Stewart both sides really battling it out for St Paul’s is it an upset um or it is an upset but is it a shock while driving around the signs were there literally a lot of um neighbors saying there’s a lot more conservative signs out here this time around and we spoke to neighbors saying hey I’m a liberal but look I’m voting conservative this time around it had nothing to do with the local candidates themselves more so what happening back in Ottawa many saying it’s time for a change they don’t agree with the Liberals decisions in this uh latest term cost of living inflation controversies with the party has all seemed to be you know some of the reasons for people to uh vote differently this time around uh now uh many have been looking at St Paul’s as a barometer for how the Liberals might do in the next election and it might not be looking so good there’s calls for Trudeau to step down ahead of the federal election that’s fall of 2025 he maintains that he’ll be staying on as head of the liberal party but you know uh many of the Liberals might be looking at this massive upset again St Paul’s turning blue for the first time in nearly 30 years they might be looking at this now and saying it’s time for a change Candace okay Jaden thank you

The Conservatives have landed a powerful blow in their fight to win the next Canadian election, snatching a historical Toronto stronghold from the governing Liberal Party.

The Conservative candidate, Don Stewart, won the byelection in Toronto-St. Paul’s on Monday night with 42.1 per cent of the vote, taking the seat away from the Liberals for the first time in more than a quarter of a century.

Stewart, a financial professional, beat Liberal candidate Leslie Church, who got 40.5 per cent of the vote and NDP’s Amrit Parhar, who received 10.9 per cent. Christian Cullis ran for the Greens, getting 2.9 per cent.

The byelection count was complicated by a huge number of candidates registering to run for the seat, many of whom signed up in protest. A total of 84 candidates registered in Toronto-St. Paul’s, partly as a push from the Longest Ballot Committee to campaign for electoral reform.

Global’s Jaden Lee-Lincoln has more.

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