Ottawa Police Seek Help from RCMP and OPP for Canada Day Security Operations

Canada Day preparations underway in Ottawa

“Get Ready for a Safe and Secure Canada Day Celebration in Ottawa”

As Canada’s 157th birthday approaches, Ottawa police are gearing up for the festivities with a plan to ensure a safe and secure environment for the tens of thousands of people expected to attend events across the city. With celebrations planned at LeBreton Flats and other locations like Barrhaven and Kanata, authorities are leaving no stone unturned to maintain order and peace.

Calling in Reinforcements for a Peaceful Celebration

Deputy Chief Steve Bell of the Ottawa Police emphasizes the importance of Canada Day preparations, stating that officers from various jurisdictions will be assisting in keeping the celebrations under control. With events scheduled in multiple locations and a massive influx of attendees expected, the collaborative effort from police services across the province and country, including the RCMP, the OPP, and Waterloo Police, is crucial for a successful Canada Day celebration.

Ensuring Safety at LeBreton Flats and Beyond

As one of the main venues for Canada Day celebrations, LeBreton Flats will have a strong security presence to oversee the national festivities, including the popular Evening Show with fireworks at 10 p.m. Canadian Heritage has listed prohibited items for the event, such as alcohol, firearms, bombs, and fireworks, as well as restrictions on pets and bag sizes exceeding specified dimensions.

Plan Ahead and Stay Safe

For those planning to partake in the Canada Day events, Deputy Chief Bell advises careful route planning, weather monitoring, and preparation for a crowded public space. Hundreds of officers will be deployed to ensure public safety, urging attendees to cooperate and abide by the rules to make the celebrations enjoyable for all.


As Ottawa prepares to celebrate Canada’s birthday, the collaborative effort between various police jurisdictions is essential to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all attendees. By following the rules, being responsible, and staying informed, everyone can contribute to a peaceful and enjoyable Canada Day celebration in the nation’s capital.”



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