Most Canadians show support for Israel’s existence and a future Palestinian state, survey reveals

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“Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a recent survey has shed light on the sentiments of Canadians towards the situation. With tens of thousands of lives lost in the violence, the survey conducted by Innovative Research Group has captured the nuanced perspectives of Canadians regarding Israel’s existence and the creation of a future Palestinian state.

Support for Israel and Palestine

The survey revealed that a majority of Canadians support the coexistence of Israel as a Jewish state and the establishment of a separate state for Palestinians. A notable 52 per cent agreed that it is crucial for Israel to exist as a Jewish state, while 49 per cent emphasized the importance of creating a state for Palestinians. Additionally, 57 per cent expressed support for both public speech advocating for Israel’s right to exist and the need for Palestinians to have their own state.

Views on Protests and Free Speech

However, the survey also highlighted varying opinions when it comes to demonstrations and free speech rights. While Canadians generally agree with the right to free speech, there is less tolerance for protests that lead to disruption or interference with educational activities. A significant percentage expressed opposition to both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses that create disruptions, indicating a preference for peaceful and respectful discourse.

Rejection of Violence and Extremism

Notably, the survey reflected a strong rejection of any speech promoting violence against Jews or Muslims, with 77 per cent denouncing violence against Jews and 76 per cent condemning violence against Muslims. This underscores Canadians’ commitment to upholding individual rights and dignity while maintaining a stance against extremist rhetoric.


As tensions continue to escalate in the Israel-Hamas conflict, it is essential to acknowledge the complexity of views and opinions among Canadians. The survey results offer valuable insights into the nuanced perspectives on Israel’s existence, the creation of a Palestinian state, protests, and free speech rights. With a clear rejection of violent rhetoric and a preference for peaceful dialogue, Canadians stand united in their commitment to promoting understanding, tolerance, and respect in the midst of adversity. As we navigate through these challenging times, let us strive to foster dialogue, empathy, and compassion as we seek a path towards peace and reconciliation in the Israel-Palestine conflict.”



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