Flooding leaves residents stranded in Quebec community


about 100 residents still can’t go back home after torrential rain in the municipality of chury forced them out over the weekend as people take stock of the flood damage some say they fear what could come next Lance BR reports Jonathan OB and his husband always dreamed of owning a lake house a dream made reality last November when they purchased a home in chy when we bought the house we made sure that we weren’t on a flooding Zone that everything was elevated so that water wouldn’t gush in either but the couple is now facing damage on their property following yesterday’s storm it washed out some of the sand from under my deck and now the foundations are just hanging in the air and not sitting on anything around 120 mm of rain fell in just 36 hours today between 10 and 12 roads in the municipality were either blocked or partially blocked chy mayor Michelle joli says 100 households were left stranded our uh director of security public and uh firemen uh were there to save the people she says most residents will be able to access the roads again this evening meanwhile damage to public infrastructure remains including a broken Dam there are 110 lakes in the municipality with 58 dams some that are privately owned it’s a lot of pressure Financial pressure on the citizen and on the municipal longtime chy resident Daniel senier says she worries about the growth growing Financial tool caused by such floods and after s lives in a house on a private road after floods last year left a giant Gap in the road she and the Seven neighbors who share the street had to pay $8,000 to get it repaired and now they’re back to square one we don’t have a choice to pay for it but not every year while repairs won’t be cheap for the municipality or residents Obe says he doesn’t regret making the move from Montreal to chur seat to tell you the truth I moved away from the city to be isolated to be away from people but I’ve been noticing with the last few months that we’ve been living around here that neighbors is very important especially up north uh we can help each other so I think that’s probably the nicest thing of living up here with the lake view obviously Public Works Crews have already made temporary repairs to some damaged Road sections but the municipality says it effects five or six asphalt roads damaged by The Rains to require further work by Engineers which could take longer Lauren BR CTV News

Flooding in Chertsey, Que. has left some residents stranded following torrential rain.

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