Nesto Acquires Canada’s Third-Largest Non-Bank Mortgage Lender

Nesto buys Canada’s third-largest non-bank mortgage lender

“Online mortgage lender Nesto Inc. has made a groundbreaking move into commercial mortgage lending by acquiring Canada’s third-largest non-bank mortgage provider, CMLS Financial Ltd. This strategic acquisition positions Nesto as one of the largest online mortgage lenders in Canada, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth and expansion.

Expanding Horizons: Nesto’s Bold Move into Commercial Lending

Nesto’s acquisition of CMLS Financial Ltd. represents a monumental shift in the online mortgage lending landscape. The deal, supported by Nesto’s key institutional investors, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and market leadership. By combining their respective strengths, Nesto and CMLS aim to set new standards in the mortgage industry, providing enhanced services to Canadian customers.

With a focus on automation and streamlined processes, Nesto has revolutionized the mortgage application and underwriting experience, offering competitive rates and faster approvals. The company’s success and rapid growth have attracted substantial investments, culminating in the acquisition of CMLS Financial Ltd. This strategic move solidifies Nesto’s position in the market and opens up new opportunities for expansion and collaboration.

A Natural Partnership: Nesto and CMLS Join Forces

The collaboration between Nesto and CMLS began as a mutual exploration of shared interests and potential synergies. What initially started as discussions on collaboration evolved into a strategic merger, driven by a shared vision for growth and innovation. Nesto’s CEO, Malik Yacoubi, and CMLS’s former CEO, Chris Brossard, forged a strong partnership that paved the way for the acquisition, highlighting the seamless integration of two complementary businesses.

Looking Ahead: A Unified Future for Nesto and CMLS

As Nesto and CMLS combine their operations, both companies are poised to leverage their respective strengths and expertise to deliver unparalleled mortgage solutions to customers across Canada. The new entity will maintain the distinct identities of Nesto and CMLS, preserving their unique brand positioning and market presence. With a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Nesto and CMLS aim to redefine the mortgage lending landscape and drive innovation in the industry.

Conclusion: Transforming the Mortgage Industry with Innovation and Collaboration

The acquisition of CMLS Financial Ltd. represents a significant milestone for Nesto Inc., signaling a new era of growth and expansion for the company. By joining forces with one of Canada’s leading mortgage lenders, Nesto is poised to enhance its offerings and reach a broader audience of customers. As the mortgage industry continues to evolve, innovation and collaboration will be key drivers of success, enabling companies like Nesto and CMLS to create lasting value for customers and stakeholders alike. Together, they are set to shape the future of mortgage lending in Canada, setting new standards and forging a path towards greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.”



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