McDonald’s Canada Launches Exciting Changes to Its Frequent Fryer Program

McDonald’s Canada Is Shaking up Its Frequent Fryer Program

“Buckle up, folks! McDonald’s Canada is taking off once again with their Frequent Fryer Program just in time for summer. This year, they are bringing a taste of the world to Canada with their new McShaker Fries – a delicious twist on their beloved World Famous Fries.

International Flavors Arrive in Canada

Erica Juba, director of channel and digital strategy at McDonald’s Canada, expressed the excitement for this year’s Frequent Fryer Program, stating, “We really wanted to bring internationally-inspired McDonald’s flavors to Canada. With our World Famous Fries being enjoyed globally, it made perfect sense to shake things up with new and exciting flavors.” The campaign kicked off with Churros and Masala flavors, available exclusively through the app during the first week, marking Canada’s first digital-only launch. New flavors, Ramen and Tzatziki, have since been released to the delight of fast food enthusiasts across the country.

Behind the Scenes

McDonald’s Canada teamed up with Cossette and Nexus Design Studio to take viewers on a journey behind the scenes to a whimsical airport-inspired workshop where the magic of McShaker Fries comes to life. With quirky cogs, gears, and flying gizmos, this creative advertising campaign showcases the restaurant chain’s latest flavor innovations in a fun and imaginative way. OMD led the media strategy, while TMS handled the creative development of the app experience.

The Hunt for Frycons

To generate excitement around McShaker Fries and the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program on the McDonald’s app, McDonald’s Canada launched the hunt for frycons – fry-inspired icons with unique codes that send fans on a nationwide scavenger hunt for a chance to win free McShaker Fries. Once found, frycons are added to a passport on the app for a chance to win tasty prizes.


As McDonald’s Canada continues to innovate and surprise customers with new and exciting flavors, the Frequent Fryer Program is a testament to the brand’s creativity and commitment to providing a unique dining experience. With the addition of McShaker Fries and the hunt for frycons, McDonald’s Canada has once again captured the attention of fast food lovers everywhere. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with McDonald’s Canada’s latest culinary creations!”



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