Toronto-St. Paul’s has been a Liberal riding since 1993. Will that winning streak end on Monday?


Liberals are fair the rest are nuts oh really okay oh really yeah I think you know there’s a a huge shift happening right now in how we feel about our government so I’m torn do I just give the support cuz or do I show you know dissatisfaction I don’t know and and actually know who this gentleman is he’s been here for a few years anyways but uh it’s just a sign of the times and I think it’s uh time for a change David men for Rebel news here in Midtown Toronto and folks this Monday a Federal byelection is taking place and it is a very significant one indeed you see this writing of Toronto St Paul’s has been held by the Liberals since 1993 imagine that when ketchen was the Prime Minister and Kim Campbell was the Prime Minister hopeful and the Blue Jays had won a World Series well it seems like a different error and I guess it is so what’s happened is that Carolyn Bennett the cumbent MP has stepped down she is now uh going to be the ambassador for Denmark I don’t know what the Danish people did to deserve her and I’ll explain what I mean by that later and the new liberal hopeful is Leslie church now Leslie Church is a former staffer to uh Christia Freeland now I don’t know if being associated with frine Freeland is a good or a bad thing these days and this is the campaign office and there’s a couple of notable things I’m looking at the lesli church signage and you can see compared to previous elections the team Trudeau logo is there but it is very very reduced you have to really look for it to see it I think that might speak volumes I.E maybe not such a good thing to tie your political fortunes to the Prime Minister given the way the polling is going for that also as you can see for several days now this individual poor man down on his luck obviously um has been sleeping outside the Leslie Church uh campaign office in a way tragically does this not speak volumes of where our country is after almost 9 years of the Justin trudo liberals about how destitute some people are but here’s the interesting thing even though this has been a liberal stronghold since 1993 polling indicates that it is very much in play that the conservatives have a definite chance of winning this writing and if that is the case I know you’re not supposed to read too much into byelections but if a Midtown Toronto liberal writing that’s been liberal since 1993 goes conservative or if the Liberals just win it by a photo finish I think that’s going to add to the growing concervation in the Trudeau liberals in terms of making the Liberals Sans Trudeau maybe uh a palace coup is in the offing given that this prime minister is obviously not on a winning streak so we’re going to ask people that are passes by find out if they are uh residents of Toronto St Paul see where they plan to vote if they’ll tell us and uh maybe uh that will speak volumes of what’s going to happen on Monday June the 24th do you live in the uh the writing yes I do I will be voting for Mrs Miss Church miss church oh was that right okay then is um what would you say after almost 9 years of uh Justin Trudeau what has been the Trudeau liberal’s greatest accomplishment to date dealing with the pandemic was a real accomplishment oh that was an accomplishment yes okay in what way because there was I mean I still drive around Toronto rate I can’t remember the statistic compare the death rate in Canada with the death rate in the United States I firmly believe that the Liberals will get in here but I I perish the thought perish the thought exactly have you made a decision who you’re voting for yeah the liberal oh was that right what what attracts you to the Liberal Party of Canada like Liberals are fair the rest are nuts oh really okay oh really yeah in the last would you vote conservative I don’t think it’s important who I’m voting for I don’t live in this writing you know yeah well it’s nothing to do with the writings it’s to do with h whether you want to keep a criminal in a crook and whether you want the health system to uh sorry who’s the criminal in the crook Ford come on who I feel that there are not amazing options oh okay then so you might I guess what decline your ballot I’m going to vote I feel it’s important to exercise our our duties okay are you leaning one way or the other you know what I’m not going to I yeah I’m not going to reveal here but our household is split I’ll tell you that I voted conservative oh okay then I met him uh a week ago at his campaign office down there okay then yeah and I was not going to vote for liberals in any case I’m from New finlanda my mother always said never give your political opinions publicly because there’s always going to be a lot of people who you know will give you a million reasons why not but I’m very unhappy with the state of the country right now okay then and I would do almost anything here I am I’m I’m defying what I just said but I’d give anything to have a change of government I think it’s time there’s so many policies that I completely disagree with yeah I’m voting conservative oh okay then is there a reason for that well I think it’s just Trudeau’s been too long in power and we’re in so much de that I think we need a more responsible government oh I’ve I’ve made up my mind oh can you let us know probably who you want to hear me say I’m voting for okay yeah yeah oh please don’t tease not her not her no I won’t I mean this is kind of ironic if you if you if you take a look at the front of her office I happen to know about this gentleman behind here because he’s actually from New Finland and I’ve talked to him on many occasions uh about just going home because I know he’d be looked after but it’s a choice I think he’s been here for a very long time so folks here is a black Chevy Suburban this screams prime minister Justin Trudeau this screams a cabinet minister and um they’ve kind of been going around the street I think we’re scaring him away from whoever’s in that SUV from coming out and let me tell you how important this writing is to prime minister Trudeau in the Liberal Party the Prime Minister himself and no fewer than 13 cabinet ministers have come to do some uh photo ops and door knocking with Leslie Church this is how much that they want to make sure Tano St Paul’s remains liberal so uh whoever is in that uh black uh Suburban SUV uh they show no signs of uh getting out um funny that they usually have armed RCMP officers uh who who would ever thought that this little microphone and this hat would scare them away but apparently we are well folks I think whoever the VIP is in that Chevy Suburban uh they’re on to us but that’s okay we’re on to them um I know they’re staying nice and comfy in that air conditioned huge SUV V with an 8 cylinder engine uh burning fossil fuels um so none of that climate change uh rubbish for those in power and I think they are now on Pleasant Boulevard which intersects with young street because I believe that office has a backdoor entrance so maybe this is a matter of um yeah whoever this um VIP is it might be a cabinet minister might just be a coincidence that this SUV is circling the block like it’s in orbit um but they’re using the tradesman’s entrance isn’t that sad they just so want to avoid our questions incredible and what’s making you go conservative because I am a conservative and I always have been and because I like Mr Stuart I’ve met him and I think he’s putting on a good campaign okay and I think it’s time to have a change in this writing I usually vote liberal I don’t think we’re enamored with our current uh leadership but that’s still the party that probably most represents my general so I’m torn do I just give the support cuz or do I show you know dissatisfaction I don’t know do you think that Justin trudo liberals have something to worry about well I think look at the polls lately uh he’s falling the Liberals are falling um you know every single month they’re going lower and lower in the polls I think there’s an extreme amount of discontent in this country right now and and I actually don’t think the Liberals are liberals anymore how do you think it’s going to go on Monday I think it’s a tossup I think the conservatives are pretty a pretty good effort because it’s a bell weather riding right now just before the election so we’ll see here is somebody they’re down on their luck doesn’t literally have a shirt on his back and is this not in a way emblematic of what’s happened to so many Canadians under 9 years of the Justin Trudeau liberals it’s it’s horrible I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 15 years and I’ve seen a real Decline and and actually know who this gentleman is he’s been here for a few years anyways but uh it’s just a sign of the times and I think it’s uh time for a change billions and billions of dollars like I think 50 was it 50 million I’m not great with numbers has been donated just to Ukraine and I think when we have so many problems here at home uh I think people are getting pretty resentful we’re a very generous Nation you know and we do care about other people but I think uh there comes a time when we have to think about our own needs and you know the disarray that this country is in this writing has been held by the Liberals since 1993 uh if there’s ever been a time for change it’s now uh if people just open up their eyes and take a look around and you know um especially in our neighborhoods um it’s just uh it’s on the decline and it’s it’s time for some fresh leadership I think I kind of feel like some of the destruction that’s happening in our country is um deliberate I almost feel that uh you know we we’ve heard about the connection between uh the liberal government some of the liberal government and uh Claus Schwab from the world economic Forum I actually ordered some of the books about the policies of the world economic Forum just so I could inform myself of what exactly is going on but it seems like our prime minister is uh quite a a revered acolyte of the whole WF I think there’s a real change in in people who I know who have been lifelong Liberals are starting to really change their views on things um it’s finally happening it’s taken longer than it should but I’m I’m within my family and friends I’m seeing a real real real switch in how people feel about what’s going on you know what folks here is another sad Testament to how the city of Toronto has gone into decline look at this rubbish look at this filth just laying at the backd door entrance for what we think is uh the Leslie Church Campaign Headquarters you know back in 1987 I believe it was Peter usof said that Toronto is New York as run by the Swiss boy has that ship sailed you know folks I always look on the bright side of things always look for that silver lining in the dark cloud which is to say even if the writing of Toronto St Paul’s remains liberal come Monday at least the MP will no longer be Dr Carolyn Bennett yes Dr Carolyn Bennet is a medical doctor Dr Bennett why has your government not uh arrested or don’t touch me don’t touch me not here not here why has your government not arrested and Frozen the bank accounts of pro Hamas demonstrators who are advocating for genocide and death why sorry sorry why did you do that to the trucker Convoy people and not the proam people Dr Bennett so there you go either she didn’t hear my questions or maybe the good doctor is hearing impaired uh she should reach out to me I can give her a referral to an ear specialist the other thing about Dr Carolin Bennett uh was her behavior during covid and I go back to June 2022 so two years ago and that’s when doc Bennett took to Twitter to proclaim the following quote I just tested positive for covid-19 I am feeling fine I am grateful that my vaccinations are up to date including my fourth shot I will now isolate teachable moment make sure your vaccinations are up to date protect yourselves others and our health care System end quote a teachable moment look I’m not a medical doctor but even I know if you get a vaccine shouldn’t that prevent you from getting infected by the virus what a quack well how do you like them apples folks you know usually a campaign headquarters the doors are open uh people in there want to talk to the media why would you want to get your message out in 5 days is going to be a very important byelection here in Toronto St Paul’s but I guess uh when they see the rebel news flash it’s akin to a skunk crawling up to the garden party um too bad one of the questions I wanted to ask these people in here is are they doing anything to help this poor unfortunate man who is literally sleeping on their front porch I mean I thought the Liberal Party of Canada is all about caring and compassion at least that’s what Justin Trudeau says or do you think maybe that’s another little white lie on behalf of the Prime Minister in any event all eyes are on this writing on Monday in terms of this being a bell weather for things to come in the general election sometime next year and like I said earlier the Liberals know how important this is the prime minister and at least 13 cabinet ministers have been campaigning here they don’t want this writing to change hands we’ll see what happens on Monday because if it does or if it’s a photo finish I would make the argument that with Team liberal or team Trudeau as it’s called things are looking really dire indeed on that particular team for Rebel news I’m David the meno menes folks we know you love it when Rebel news delivers you the other side of the story but the fact is we need your help please go to Rebel field that’s Rebel field and if you’re able to kindly make a donation

| Toronto-St. Paul’s byelection comes after longtime Liberal MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, stepped down to become Canada’s ambassador for Denmark. Her replacement? Leslie Church, a former staffer for Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

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  1. Prime Minister Trudeau is winning. 64 %of Canadians believe government plays an important role in improving the lives of Canadians. The world are struggling with the climate change, the war, the suply chains crisis and geopolitics conflict… But Prime Minister Trudeau is working together with the government at all levels to help Canadians. He will build 4 million homes by 2031, he will help 400,000 kids for National school food program… But Conservative leader Poilievre will vote against Budget 2024.

  2. People have lost their instincts that would normally warn them to the dangers that are coming their way. Don't count on a win with so many of them out and about.

  3. ?????? Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the Gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, by which also you are saved , if you hold fast that word which I preached to you—unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: -` ?? ´- THAT CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES, AND THAT HE WAS BURIED AND THAT HE ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES. (1 Co 15:1-4 NKJV)

  4. I've had many interactions with downtown liberals. Chronically under-employed, living in the houses left to them by their grandparents, almost all of them habitual weed smokers, telling me how wonderful they are as people, compassionate, loving, always voting liberal because conservatives are racist sexist homophobic anti immigrant (at that point they look at me, realize I am an immigrant voting conservative and stop talking). To them, voting liberal makes perfect sense both ideologically and financially. High taxes don't affect them much as they are in low income brackets. High crime doesn't bother them since many of them don't have kids to worry about, they have been living among drug users and pushing past homeless and sweeping needles off their porch for a decade and that didn't dent their beliefs. I honestly don't know what it would take for conservatives to win this voter base, since conservatives don't make a habit of campaigning on promises of social handouts and drug legalization.

  5. Calling conservatives nuts is not providing A.Reas.
    As to why he won't vote conservative

    I notice they throw buzzwords and catch phrases.But they can never answer a simple question with substance


    The haters respond with.
    Insults or? Two liners 4:22

  6. The Libs now are not the Libs of the old. The Libs of the old are the Conservatives of the now. Older Lib voters need to wake up. But unfortunately, they still watch CTV and believe the news are fair and factual.

  7. We are praying ardently that this riding will vote Conservative on the day! Conservative votes are the only remedy RIGHT NOW! Get these blinking criminals out of power – just switch from Liberal to Conservative and save our Canada.

  8. The homeless dude sleeping on the steps of a Liberal candidate and ex staffer of "if it moves tax it" Freeland says a lot. He's been there for two years!
    They can't help the guy literally on their doorstep but their going to fix housing in Canada.


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