CTV National News for June 20: Donald Sutherland dead at 88


tonight remembering a Canadian Legend The Life and Legacy of Donald southernland this is my job a master of his craft I’ve been watching you and you watching me the tributes from friends family and fans for an iconic actor I think of myself as an artist and I take it very seriously order to flee from a raging wildfire in Newland Labrador I’m just praying for the guys that are still back there and the people that are fighting the fires plus the truck driving a divide and the media Outlet tied to the controversial comment islamophobia has no place in this city it’s called Free Speech you can look it up in our chter of Rights also inside the housing crisis where renting can feel Out Of Reach it’s easy 24 2500 for a two-bedroom andless if you can find one and how to avoid an asteroid disaster we want to be able to get a spacecraft out there before that poose encounter with the Earth putting the plan in place to save the planet we’re going to need more than Bruce Willis CTV national news with Omar saaden reporting tonight Mela Fernandez good evening Donald southernland was a legendary performer respected Reve heed and tonight remembered a Canadian who could slip into any role and when he did he could take you along for a ride you wouldn’t soon forget his breakout performance came in the 1970 movie Mash southernland played the wise cracking surgeon Hawkeye Pierce next a health inspector in the 1978 sci-fi horror Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1980 his role as a father in ordinary people made it clear how versatile he could be and F F forward to 2012 when the Hunger Games roll as a tyrannical leader endeared him to a new generation tonight ctv’s Heather Wright shares the story of a man from The marit Times who took the world stage by storm I’m not joking this is my job for nearly seven decades Donald southernland captivated audiences around the world with his voice his presence his Charisma starring in more than 190 films and TV shows from Animal House to mash to the Hunger Games contain it I think of myself as an artist and I take it very seriously Donald McNichol southernland was born in St John New Brunswick in 1935 at 14 he landed his first job as a News correspondent for ckbw the local radio station he studied engineering and drama at the University of Toronto before moving to London to pursue an acting career I told my father that what I wanted to be was an actor which was kind of silly because cuz I had I’d never even seen the theater southerland’s Big Break came in 1967 with the dirty dozen where you from son followed by more military films like Kelly’s Heroes in Mash Well offc Screen he became a vocal activist protesting the war in Vietnam there’s a particular Savvy in that isn’t there more recently Southerland attracted a new generation of fans playing President Snow in The Hunger Games and star alongside his son Kefir in the 2016 Western forsaken though he spent much of his life in the United States Sutherland says his father was a proud Canadian he’s LED such an extraordinary life he’s traveled a a great deal but I think always goes back to kind of the maritimes kind of creating the root of who he is in a statement today kefir southernland said his father was never daunted by a role good bad or ugly he loved what he did and did what he loved and one can never ask for more than that a life well- lived often considered one of the most talented actors to never win an Academy Award southernland was presented with an honorary Oscar in 2017 I wish I could say thank you to all of the characters that I’ve played a companion of the Order of Canada today the Prime Minister offered his condolences to the Southerland family he was a man with a strong presence uh a brilliant uh in um in his craft Donald southernland leaves behind his wife five children and grandchildren he was 88 Heather W CTV News Toronto the tributes are still pouring in tonight director Ron Howard called southernland one of the most intelligent interesting and engrossing film actors of all time actor Michael Douglas says what a lovely talented and curious man and from actor Helen Miran tonight I will miss his presence in the world the call came in quick last night for residents of Churchill Falls in Labrador they had 45 minutes to pack up and get out as a wildfire closed in on the community many work in the nearby power plant and with the fire doubling in size today they’re wondering how long they’ll be out here’s ctv’s Garrett Barry another night in limbo for hundreds of evacuees from Churchill Falls I mean I’ve lived in the house many years so I mean that’s that’s home everything we own is there as Wildfire smoke billows through the town fire Crews and forwater bombers fight to keep the Flames away and on the other side of the mighty Church River really bad I hadn’t seen it that bad and a blocked out the sun and the smoke was coming right into town help will soon be on the way from other provinces and in Newland in Labrador officials today ordered a fire ban saying they can’t risk another incident we want to make sure that we don’t have uh subsequent uh other threats uh that could dilute efforts in in fighting the fire in in Churchill Falls so please do not uh light or any fires uh across the province right now through thunder and lightning about 750 people evacuated the majority went to goosebay and found accommodation with friends or family complete strangers I saw them lined up here in the parking lot where I’m actually now when I’m doing this call with you uh and just said hi uh would you like your place to stay why don’t you come back to my home we’ll take good care of you the fire here one of seven burning now across labador a few dozen people are still in Churchill Falls to keep its hydrop plant running feeling a bit nervous and exhausted but uh I’m just praying for the guys that are still back there that are keeping the plant going keeping the lights on and the people that fighting the fires Church of Falls is also a major exporter of power to Quebec some 15% of that province’s annual energy needs is supplied through this one station so that is another concern that officials are having to manage there’s a number of reach outs and coordination um with our our teams say our colleagues in Quebec so um that’s well inand with regards to their ability to prepare for residents no change on the horizon tonight’s update from firefighters says they expect the evacuation order to stay in place for at least another day or two G Barry CTV News St John’s It Feels Like There’s No Escape From The Heat across Eastern Canada it’s been simmering again in Ontario Quebec and the maritimes courtesy of that heat Dome C TV Sarah PL now on the extreme weather cutting school days short and disrupting other daily routines today’s school assignment was head home and hydrate it felt super hot by lunch classrooms were too hot schools don’t have air conditioning um and heat stroke in kids is terrifying a heat Dome trapping warm air over Eastern Canada set off another day of warnings a bath HST New Brunswick I mean had a temperature of 30 30 8 degrees for a high the other day minimum temperatures at night have been uh above 25 26 Dees in Toronto hundreds of schools have no air conditioning a similar story in New Brunswick a few have AC most do not in Quebec one school called in the fire department we have a lot of people in my class so sometimes when we’re all together it gets it gets really hard some bakeries stayed closed or shut early I think today we reached about 60° in the kitchen in Ottawa the heat is slowing down commutes the light rail transit system reduced its speed so tracks don’t expand when they expand uh to a point um that creates additional stress on the rail and it actually can can bend the rail slightly in frederickton volunteers passo the gift of hydration hard it is very hard now it is so it it is our duty to do something social doctors say what makes this heat wave particularly concerning is how early it’s happening but because this is happening very early in the summer months uh our bodies are not yet used to to dealing with that heat they’re not acclimatized is what we typically say even once this eases people should be prepared a climatologist says this could be the first of what might be a long hot summer Mela all right Sarah thanks for the update a tropical storm is claimed for lives in Mexico two of the victims are children said to have suffered Electric shocks while riding a bike in the rain Alberto has now been downgraded to a tropical depression it triggered flash flooding in the interior the impact also being felt in Texas where coastal areas are being battered by strong winds and flooding fingers are crossed at Calgary’s water main problems will be fixed in time for the start of the Stampede but here’s the fine print this is a best case estimate at this particular point in time and it means that work could be done as soon as July 5th the work in and around a massive feeder m is about halfway done City residents have been living with water restrictions since the start of the month we have an update tonight on a hate crimes investigation in Toronto a rightwing media Outlet says it owns the advertising truck displaying what is described as an anti-muslim message ctv’s John Woodward tonight with a surprising turn of events the van appears to be driving on University Avenue in Toronto next to Ontario’s legislature it’s showing pictures of Muslims in prayer and asking is this Yemen is this Syria is this Iraq followed by the words wake up Canada you are under siege a message panned by Muslim groups police vowed to investigate it and Toronto’s mayor said it was deeply worrisome I’ve asked other levels of government to join me in condemning this very hateful message I’ve got some breaking news by midf afternoon Ezra lant of the right-wing media organization Rebel news admitted the truck was his it’s called Free Speech you can look it up in our Charter of Rights the messaging he said from a group called Canadians opposed to the occupation of our streets and campuses a nod to protests including the encampment at the University of Toronto a group by that name didn’t seem to have an online footprint Barbara Perry of the center for hate bias and extremism said the messaging seemed inspired by an anti-immigration conspiracy theory and said it’s arguable that the trucks messaging could have broken Canadian law against incitement to hatred I think it was that last piece we are under siege that really tipped it for me I mean that is really a blatant indication or suggestion that uh we’re under attack that we are under threat threat from Muslims specifically the truck’s message came at a time hate crimes are rising fast as Israel’s war in Gaza prompts division in Canada Toronto businessman Muhammad faki had offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to who was behind the truck something Levant called a bounty I’ve hired a lawyer and we’re obviously going to fight because this is still Canada not Gaza Levant said in order to pay those legal fees and avoid two years in jail he’s going to raise money money from his supporters John Woodward CTV News Toronto a lack of funds is what is keeping most renters from owning a home a new snapshot suggests many need to hand over more than half of their paychecks for a place to live ctv’s Andrew Johnson with a renters reality check tonight on a beautiful Thursday in Vancouver the Outlook from renters isn’t exactly sunny and I haven’t really been looking around lately but when I was last year holy crap it was bad rent PR have skyrocketed as the country struggles through a post-pandemic housing crisis experts say is also fueled by immigration according to a new report from Royal leage the financial reality of putting a roof over your head is particularly Bleak in BC 27% of renters in Vancouver are spending more than half of their net income on paying the rent in Toronto 19% are forking over more than 50% of their paycheck one in 10 montrealers are in that position the national average is 16% the target is uh roughly a third of your income is sort of deemed affordability experts say ultr low rental vacancy is part of the problem driven by how hard it is right now to get into the market as a buyer have a lot of renters who really want to get into ownership uh but until either rates come down and or prices fall uh it’s going to be a while as for that traditional dream of one day owning a home for most renters it’s not happening anytime soon the survey reports 27% of renters in Canada do plan to buy a property in the next two years but the vast majority 69% do not just over half cited insufficient income as a reason for their decision the down payment is going to be that biggest hurdle saving up enough money to actually purchase the home but younger renters apparently aren’t giving up the survey shows the people with the biggest intent to move into to the buying Market are millennials people in their 30s who may also be ready to start a family Andrew Johnson CTV News Vancouver WestJet mechanics have called off a strike that would have seen workers walk off the job tonight the union will now head back into talks with the airline around 50 flights were canceled as WestJet prepared for the job action but no flight should be impacted moving forward coming up kicking up the competition [Applause] cheering on Canada vying for soccer success class NASA’s plan to avert an asteroid [Music] Collision Canada kicked off a new chapter in soccer history tonight with its first game at the major Copa America tournament Canadian fans brought their aame [Music] a sea of red and white in Atlanta where fans bted out the national anthem in a show of pregame Pride on the pitch Canada played one of the world’s best Leonel Messi and FIFA number one ranked Argentina Canada had a great chance dur the end of the first half but was denied Argentina would open the scoring in the second half and then would add another one in the final minutes of the game holding on to beat Canada 2 nil ctv’s Adrien griel is with fans at home sizing up Canada’s overall [Applause] chances soccer fans across Canada and right here in Toronto’s Little Italy have been soaking in all the action since the Euros kicked off last week and today they got a double helping of football fun getting to cheer on their favorite European side and then pull on the red and white as team Canda took to the pitch Against the World Cup champ Argentina and Leonel Messi who’s appearing in his seventh Copa Americas and football insiders believe that this version of the Canadian men’s team are poised to Make Some Noise against some of the world’s best Canada are the upstarts Canada are the team that the world is very very curious about so this is a fantastic stage for them and as we saw in their two tune-up games against the Netherlands and against France two of the best teams in Europe two the teams favored to win Euro 2024 right now uh Canada can hold their own so how long they can do that in Atlanta is what everyone’s very curious to see um but this team is is so much better than the team that went to Qatar Canada’s Journey at the Copa Americas rolls on this coming Tuesday when they take to the pitch against Peru and they’ll face off against Chile in the final group stage match on June 29th what a time to be a Canadian soccer or football fan Adrian gobrial CTV News Toronto Straight Ahead a rapper rap sheet how this celebrity ended up in [Music] custody another music celebrity found himself Behind Bars this week Grammy nominated Hip-Hop star chaa Scott got arrested after a scuffle on a yacht in Miami ctv’s Allison Bamford has details another touring musician tied up with the law rapper Travis Scott arrested for trespassing and disorderly intoxication after police were called to a yacht fight in Miami Beach officers reportedly witnessed Scott yelling at passengers and could sense a strong smell of alcohol on the 33e old’s breath they’re misdemeanors and not felonies Scott whose legal name is jacqu Burman Webster spent about 4 hours in jail overnight released this morning on a $650 Bond police records show admitting to officers he’d been drinking saying it’s Miami shortly after his release the rapper posted on X LOL and photoshopped his mug shot in a story on Instagram Travis’s fans I think that they’re going to follow him no matter what and this small incident of him drinking on a boat and yelling profanities is not going to stop them the rapper saw his most musical success in 2018 with his album Astro World and last year earned his 10th Grammy nomination for the album Utopia his arrest comes just days after police charged pop star just in Timberlake with impaired driving Timberlake pleaded not guilty and is due back in court next month it is a good reminder you’re not above the law you can be Justin Timberlake and if you’re driving drunk you’re going to get arrested uh and you can be Travis Scott and and if you’re acting disorderly uh and trespassing on a on a yacht you’re going to get arrested Timberlake is in the middle of a tour while Scott is preparing for his slated to begin next week if found guilty their offenses could come with jail time legal experts say but in both cases it will most likely be worked down to some kind of fine probation or community service Alison Bamford CTV News Regina it was a guilt-free night of fun for a 91-year-old woman from Saskatoon Snoop Dog gave her a night she won’t soon forget drive a Jeep the Phyllis asman met the rapper prior to his show after a local radio station heard she was a huge fan and got her tickets a limousine and the backstage Meetup FY says she likes Snoop Dog because he’s such a nice fellow we even told Snoop gave her a kiss after the break coming down to earth the preparations for a threat from space [Music] it may sound like the stuff out of movies but an asteroid hurtling towards the Earth is something real life scientists are preparing for at Nasa they’re refining the plan because in a few short Years A Space Rock could come quite close here’s ctv’s Joan malbin in about five and a half years a massive asteroid named aice after the Egyptian god of chaos will pass so close to the Earth we’ll be able to see it in the sky and that has NASA scientists on high alert we want to be able to get a spacecraft out there weeks to months uh to get a look at apus before that that close encounter uh with the earth scientists working with Global Partners carried out asteroid threat exercises back in April to figure out if a potential Planet Killer is headed our way and how the world would cooperate to safeguard Earth yeah we’re going to need more than Bruce Willis we’re going to actual real scientists and and frankly uh with every year and every experiment especially the double asteroid redirect test which was so successful I really believe that astronauts or or the space scientists are figuring this stuff out press it unlike in the movies NASA has been working on tools and Technology to tackle such a threat and coordinate an international Disaster Response two years ago the double asteroid redirection test known as the dart spacecraft smashed into an asteroid to knock a massive Space Rock off its gravitational course and it worked all right that’s a pretty big deal for all of us on Earth NASA hopes to use the same tested technique so we don’t go the way of the dinosaurs wiped out by a massive meteor millions of years ago apus is the closest thing we know about to an asteroid that could really give us a bad day this thing would wipe out a city no problem but fortun Ely just luck it’s not going to hit us it’s just going to come close Neo surveyor mission NASA says it’s developing a new telescope to help find and identify asteroids as part of its planetary defense mission on track for 2027 so we’ll know what’s coming Joy melbour CTV News Washington that’s a wrap on the day thanks for sharing your time with us for all of us here at CTV national news good night a [Music]

Two-time Golden Globe-award-winning actor Donald Sutherland has died at the age of 88; plus, multiple wildfires are burning out of control.

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