Coutts Trial: Undercover female RCMP witnesses’ testimony focuses on Anthony Olienick


if this prosecution is successful in terms of convicting these men that it would dampen people’s willingness to politically protest in the future 100% yeah we saw that in uh Ottawa we saw it and well obviously CPS yeah 100% we are going to win God is in charge of this and we are going to win this yes the dreaded publication ban strikes again those of you who have been following our reporting on this trial may be rolling your eyes now hearing this term again Chris carbert and Anthony olenic are sharing three charges the first is the accusation from the crown that they conspired to murder police officers during their participation in the 2022 CPS protest and blockade the second charge is that they unlawfully possessed firearms for a purpose dangerous to the public pce and the Third charge is that they committed Mischief inducing damages valued at over $5,000 lastly Anthony olenick has a unique charge he’s accused of unlawful possession of an explosive device for a purpose contrary to the public piece all charges against these two men relate to their participation in the 2022 CS protest and blockade which was a civil disobedient and peaceful demonstration aligned with the freedom Convoy around the same time in opposition to this governmental apparatus of surveillance and control marketed as a public health measure to reduce covid-19 transmission I just want to share some context and background as to the judicial rationale for these bans all proceedings that occur in the absence of the jury are not meant to be seen or heard by the jury so if we in the news media are to report on these proceedings the information within those proceedings could in one way or another get into the mind of the jurors and therefore affect their decisionmaking when they need to render a verdict publication bans also apply to pre-trial proceedings which of course occur in the absence of a jury given that pre-trial proceedings come before jurors are selected and prior to the Implement of the jury proceedings can occur with the jury’s absence for the purpose of for example evidentiary disputes suppose for example that the crown seeks to enter in certain information as an evidentiary exhibit there may be a dispute between the two parties over the veracity the accuracy of this proposed evidence one or the other side May seek to introduce a particular witness and there may be disputes over the relevance of that witness there may be disputes over the propriety or legality of the acquisition of any information that seeks to be sought into the trial as evidence there may also be disputes over whether or not a particular witness can be introduced into the trial and qualified as some sort of subject matter expert of relevance to the trial’s proceedings so these are the sorts of things that are covered by a publication ban to ensure that jurors do not consume information that they’re not meant to consume one thing I want to share with you folks that became very apparent during yesterday’s proceedings is how almost all of the rcmp’s evidence introduced into this trial via the crime focuses on Anthony olenik and not Chris carard we have thus far seen three female RCMP undercover operators uos testify as Witnesses for the crown and in terms of their testimony to direct evidence statements they attributed to one of the defendants that they say they heard firsthand it was essentially entirely from Anthony olenic it’s basically the Anthony olenic show according to the testimony the claims from the three female RCMP uos Anthony olenic had this expectation of violent confrontation with law enforcement he expected to have a sort of gunfight with cops in the context of his participation in the Cs protest and blockade according to the third female RCMP UCO Anthony olenik described the Cs protest and blockade as quote a war he might not survive and that he might die for this she also said olenic said the Cs Protestant blockade was quote a war he was meant to fight all the three female RCMP uos testified that olenic used this term War to describe the nature of this protest according to the second female RCMP uco’s Testimony Anthony olenic said they should all be hung that’s a quote they allegedly being a reference to police officer according to the first and third female RCMP uos he apparently made this motion where he drew his thumb from one side of his neck to the other and said that they should have their throat slid according to the first female RCMP UCO they was a reference to police officers the third female RCMP uo who said that she observed that slit throat motion said she was not sure who Anthony olenic was referring to when he made that move I just feel just like many others that there’s a great Injustice being done here to these guys and I I personally want to come down and witness this and see what’s going on and I think that the awareness needs to be out there and I think everybody needs to set step outside their comfort zone and come and join us so that we can actually witness a part of History because eventually we are going to win yeah I think the government’s involved in this and I think at the federal level they have their fingers in this trial trying to manipulate things and use this guy’s uh some sort of of uh Pawn I guess if we don’t advocate for people who have been wrongly charged for things then anybody could be me could be you could be your child or grandchild could be in the similar circumstance and we may never ever be able to get out of it we have people who have different views period that’s it and we should be allowed to express those views peacefully of course and that’s not being that’s going to be dampened by this if if this is successful by this court case do you think there’s a political aspect to this prosecution a political Dimension to the motivation behind the selection of these men to be charged with these crimes oh I definitely think so I think this has been a setup personally I just think that um because of the fact that they were they didn’t expect so many people to stand up I think they basically chose for people and I think that um through the government the RCMP and everybody I think that this is just it’s just not just and I think that for these families and the friends of these people I am devastated for them and my heart just aches even just talking about it I have a great faith in God and what God’s going to do and so I don’t fear any of this stuff I think it’s important to be a part of this and also to use your words wisely when you’re speaking with everybody so that it resonates with them and at at some point hopefully it’s going to put a light in their heart if you folks hold the perspective that this trial is a matter of deep importance to Canadians and relates directly to our right our freedom to demonstrate peacefully against our government then understand that we can’t do this journalistic Enterprise for free we have operational costs in my case that means getting me out here from Ottawa airfare car rental Airbnb consumables not living a life of luxury but still not free and we depend on our generous audience to keep this engine going so please visit trucker contribute and stay up toate with our ongoing coverage of this trial

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Robert Kraychik provides an update from Alberta, where proceedings on Tuesday in the Coutts border blockade trial focused mostly on testimony from three undercover RCMP witnesses who addressed comments allegedly made by one of the accused, Anthony Olienick.
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  1. After enacting war measures. Why aren't these two tried as prisoners of war? And the rest of the enemy taken into custody as well? a perfect opportunity to privatize our prisons and we are going to need to build more, judging by the size of the enemy force. i think it stretched across the country. Things have gone well off the rails and landed in absurdity. In reality i wish these two men all the best and thank them for their service. however little that means.

  2. “Clapping my hands for the continuation of support by Penny Judge” thanks Penny – ??

    This trial is what should be on the front page of every news paper around the world! These two men and others are being used to set an example – their freedom has been denied. ?This could be your brothers , fathers , uncles and sons !! wtf has happened to our country. Where does this end.

    Now my rant ; Under cover female rcmp slimming around with the protesters- is this being transparent with the protesters. Me thinks not. ? Yeeeeeet truckers , farmers , ranchers , etc who stood out there were more than transparent. Not one of the protesters were found to be “ under cover “ truckers slimming around with the rcmp now did they !! ?

    Bottom line , Is this how we want OUR Canada to be remembered. We were ONCE a great country as well. We who were born and raised here are willing to stand for the rights of Canadians. If you don’t think what’s happening in that court room is something you should be witnessing then I believe we are missing a piece of history being made it the courthouse. It will affect ALL of us. Now is not the time to put your head in the sand and pretend our government is NOT going to destroy us needs to stop drinking the koolaid


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