Access to MAID, abortions raise questions about the limits of faith-based health care


religion plays a big role in British Colombia’s Health Care System a master agreement signed in 1995 between the province and a group of Faith affiliated health care providers has preserved religious missions and values throughout Hospital corridors so as long as they’ve got it documented in their their mission statement that they do not believe in it they do not have to provide it and that’s why for example at St Paul’s women can’t get an abortion uh and people can’t be provided with maid advocacy groups now coming together calling for the faith-based agreement to be abolished in BC these hospitals these uh Administration systems do not represent the Canadian people at all latest census polling indicated only 12% of the BC population identify as Catholic while 52% reported no religious affiliation we’re looking at hospitals here that are publicly funded and uh you know to the tune of billions of dollars look at St Paul’s hosital hospital and their new Wing that they the BC government is funding and it’s just unacceptable Global News reached out to many faith-based organizations wanting to hear their perspective on this story some of them never got back to us others like the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada flat out denied our request for an interview or even a statement Providence Health also declined our request for a comment for a third day due to an active court case as Quebec has done Quebec has said if if you get taxpayer dollars you have to provide maid and so we think we should follow Quebec’s lead I suppose what they’re suggesting is in some way expropriated um the hospital because we couldn’t leave it out of the public Healthcare System to expropriate I I don’t think that’s the right approach I think the right approach is to do what we’re doing we lead Canada in in abortion services in terms of medical assistance and dying the best access in the country can we do better I think that’s possible pro-choice organizations holding on to that possibility Cassidy Moscone Global News

Questions are being raised about the services provided or not provided by B.C.’s faith-based health-care facilities.

Hospitals such as St. Paul’s in Vancouver do not allow medical assistance in dying, or MAID, forcing patients at the end of their life to be moved to other facilities for the process.

Catholic-affiliated hospitals also do not perform abortions or even offer contraceptives.

As Cassidy Moscoi reports, patient advocacy groups are now coming together and calling for faith-based agreements to be abolished in B.C.

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  1. It’s time we stop giving all religious schools and all religious hospitals money they’re getting taxpayers money. It’s time we stop funding this nonsense

  2. I can empathise with the 'other side', but I think forcing people to do what they genuinely believe is wrong (you know, like murdering children, at least as they see it) is not a good solution.

  3. Life is a precious and mysterious gift. Just as my life has value and love ? on it. I seek to find them who value life. Who here would stand up for the least of these? Raise your voice and courage.

    La vie est une cadeaux précieuse et mystérieuse. Comme ma vie a de valeur et de l’amitié . Je cherche ceux qui trouve la valeur dans la vie. Qui va parler pour ceux qui ne parlent pas? Levez la voix et du courage. ?


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