?BREAKING: Toronto Police investigate Rebel News for hate speech


I’ve got some breaking news it’s another censorship battle probably our biggest one ever I need your help to save free speech in Canada the Toronto police are officially investigating Rebel news for running these ads by local community activists on our Rebel news billboard truck the ads just show actual footage of what the pramas gangs have done to Toronto in the case of this particular ad the images included pramas gangs shutting down the streets in downtown Toronto

Toronto Police are investigating Rebel News for hate speech. Police claim a third-party ad broadcast on Rebel News’s billboard truck is “Islamophobic” for criticizing pro-Hamas gangs who blocked downtown streets

FULL REPORT by Ezra Levant:



  1. I appreciate the uphill battle you guys continue with! Even journalists now can’t talk the truth without penalty, or ask honest questions without being arrested (sorry David) this is getting so outta hand it’s not funny, it’s not safe.

  2. Rebel news should hold a day of prayer and goodwill on Yonge Street. Just like the muzzlims would. All people who belive in freedom of speech should be there. Coffee and doughnuts served after the prayers. ???????

  3. FB and Canadian censorship authorities did not allow me to post Khalistani Nijjar news, the same plumber cum Terrorist Nijjar whom they all paid homage to in Parliament ???

  4. You are the scum of the earth not that I support the cult of Islam but you’re are a enemy of Christianity and humanity also, they bombed the third oldest church in gaza you never talk about it, the Armenian church and community in east Jerusalem who have claim to that land more than any European converts or North African Arabs are being persecuted by the idf daily, thousands of stories where children are being clearly targeted where the excuse of human shields can’t be used is not mentioned by you or any other western media


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