RCMP reveals ‘numerous’ probes into federal contracting, force confirms – National news

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“The RCMP is currently conducting multiple investigations into federal contracting, sparking speculation and concern over potential irregularities in the process. While specific details were not disclosed by police officials, Deputy Commissioner Mike Flynn hinted at the scope of these investigations during a recent session with the House of Commons committee on public accounts.

Challenges emerged surrounding the federal contract for the pandemic-era ArriveCan app, prompting broader questions about the transparency and fairness of awarding federal contracts. Flynn revealed that the RCMP has initiated over six procurement investigations, with a focus on cases like ArriveCan and other similar situations. Commissioner Mike Duheme confirmed that the RCMP is actively investigating all relevant matters related to ArriveCan to determine if any criminal activities have occurred.

Despite these revelations, the commissioners refrained from providing extensive information to the committee, citing the confidentiality of ongoing investigations. This lack of transparency extends to public knowledge, including the recent search of a partner’s home from the company involved in creating the ArriveCan app. Both the partner, Kristian Firth, and the RCMP clarified that the search was unrelated to the app.

These investigations mark the latest chapter in a series of events that have cast a shadow over the Liberal government, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. A report by the auditor general highlighted concerns about the lack of proper record-keeping, leaving uncertainties about the total expenditure on the app, which was estimated to be nearly $60 million.

The involvement of individuals like Firth and his partner, Darren Anthony, in committee testimonies has only deepened the intrigue surrounding these procurement matters. While Anthony distanced himself from the app’s failures, Firth’s refusal to answer questions and subsequent contempt of Parliament have added fuel to the fire.

As the RCMP continues its probes into federal contracting, questions linger about the integrity of the process and the accountability of those involved. The outcome of these investigations could have far-reaching implications not only for the individuals under scrutiny but also for the broader landscape of federal procurement in Canada. Transparency and ethical conduct must remain at the forefront of these inquiries to ensure public trust and confidence in the government’s handling of taxpayer funds.

In a time where accountability and transparency are paramount, these investigations serve as a reminder of the importance of upholding the highest standards in public service. As the RCMP delves deeper into these procurement matters, the Canadian public waits with bated breath for the truth to emerge and justice to prevail.”



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