Canada’s $5.5M Investment in Promoting Agri-Food Products Boosts Market Visibility

Canada to invest up to $5.5-million to promote agri-food products

“Canadian agri-food companies are set to receive a major boost in their international market efforts, thanks to a significant investment of up to $5.5 million over three years. This investment, led by Francis Drouin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, aims to support these companies in expanding their reach globally.

### Supporting Canadian Agri-Food Companies

The funding will be channeled through Group Export Agri-Food Québec-Canada, as part of the AgriMarketing Program under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. This initiative will provide crucial support to Canadian companies venturing into foreign markets for the first time, as well as those already engaged in international trade. The main goals include promoting Canadian agri-food products abroad, securing concrete sales and contracts, and ultimately boosting the value of international agri-food exports across various product categories.

### The Impact of the Investment

Group Export’s project activities will include organizing business meetings, facilitating participation in trade shows, offering technical training, and coordinating trade missions. Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s minister of agriculture, expressed confidence in the investment’s ability to propel Canadian agri-food exports to new heights, making Canada a preferred supplier on the global stage.

According to Martin Lavoie, president and CEO of Group Export Agri-Food, the funding will play a pivotal role in supporting the growth of Canadian agri-food businesses in Quebec, with exports already reaching $11.3 billion in 2023.

In conclusion, this investment signifies a significant step towards enhancing the competitiveness and success of Canadian agri-food companies in international markets. With the right support and resources, these companies have the potential to further elevate Canada’s standing as a key player in the global agri-food industry.”



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