Undercover Female RCMP Agent Denies ‘Romance Tactic’ Allegations


I would never compromise my sexual integrity that’s a direct quote from the second undercover operator from the RCMP invited to testify as a crown witness in the trial of Chris carber and Anthony olenic here in Lethbridge Alberta in the courthouse behind me Robert kchek reporting for Rebel news even though this entire experience and its totality has been incredibly unfair in my opinion to the defendants I do believe that they are getting as close as you can to a fair trial in the moment right now and so the most shocking thing for me and my experience here is that it’s actually given me more optimism and hope in the system than I otherwise would have expected Chris carard and Anthony olenic are both charged with conspiracy to murder the crown is accusing them of conspiring to murder police officers in the context of their participation in the 2022 CS protest and blockade also they’re being charged with unlawful possession of firearms for a purpose dangerous to the public peace and of causing Mischief inducing damages of over $5,000 Anthony olenic is uniquely charged with unlawful possession of an explosive device for a purpose dangerous to the public peace and this CS protest and blockade of 2022 was adjacent to the freedom Convoy of the same year with the two demonstrations sharing in common Civil Disobedience and peaceful protesting in Brad opposition to all of these governmental edicts and orders and decrees marketed as public health measures to reduce transmission of covid-19 lead prosecutor Steven Johnston asked this second female RCMP UCO whether or not she used romantic tactics that’s an exact quote as part of her investigatory processes she said no although that term romantic tactics was not defined we didn’t receive any sort of parameters as to what constitute that sort of tactic or what Falls outside its range she also said that she would never violate her sexual Integrity now sexual Integrity also was not defined at what point at what level what type of behavior constitutes a violation of this so-called sexual Integrity we don’t know she also said that Anthony olenic quote was prepared to die she also said that he regularly used terms like war and revolution in describing the events as they were unfolding and that he was anticipating a violent confrontation with police officers here’s a quote he was fearful that cops would come in between 3: and 5:00 a.m. and she said that he was preparing for this sort of violent conflict another quote from this second female RCMP UCO in her testimonies that she said about Anthony olenic quote if cops came in assaultive they would be met with a greater force I’m here with George Jansen you folks will recall him from the cs three trial this alleged leadership of the Cs blockade demonstration of 2022 now George you’re here in Lethbridge Alberta you’re outside the courthouse with the trial for Chris carber Anthony olic why are you here what’s your motivation for attending today um yeah well just to support Anthony and uh Chris for the same reasons we went out to CS I guess uh support them for standing for what’s uh right and for what’s true and so we’re just here to support them a commonality between the second female RCMP uco’s testimony and the first is that both acknowledged that they did not use digital recording devices as parts of their investigation in other words they did not use body cameras or oners mics to collect evidence when they were operating as undercover investigators in the context of the 2022 cuds protest and blockade that also includes any sort of secretive or surreptitious placement of a recording device at a site of investigatory interest for example this Smuggler Saloon this restaurant in this CS Village of 250 people was a regular meeting spot for all the protesters and demonstrators also a lot of the police officers that were there in order to warm up to eat to just congregate and there were no cameras or microphones placed in there by the RCMP to collect information so all of the evidence being provided by these two undercover female RCMP officers is based on their own notetaking their own claims their own statements without any video or audio evidence to corroborate what it is they’re testifying to so I’m here with Alex Alex is it fair to call you an interested Observer of these proceedings I would say that’s fair now Alex you were talking to me a moment ago about a major takeaway that you had from the previous days proceedings Alex has been here for at least two days so why don’t you share with the audience uh what your observations were what do you think they should know about what you’ve seen in the courtroom so yesterday we heard from one of the undercover off officers who said that there was no video recordings no audio recordings and no real-time surveillance and what I find odd about that is that it suggest that the RCMP put a young inexperienced woman into a very dangerous as they allege situation in which there were many men with a cache of weapons and so in a sense the RCMP actually put their officers in the same vulnerable situation that they’re accusing the defense of and there’s a certain level of hypocrisy to that that’s worth pointing out the second RCMP female UCO that began her testimony today operated in the same manner as we saw with the first female UC from the RCMP that was invited as a crown witness so she testified in a court room inaccessible to members of the public or the news media in the courtroom with her were the judge the prosecutors the defense attorneys the jurors the defendants and the courtroom staffers but the rest of us we were in a separate courtroom so we could not observe her we could not see her but we could listen to a live audio feed of proceedings which of course focused on her testimony if there are any sort of physical exhibits we can’t observe those either but again the entire time we’re listening to proceedings and in so far as it’s possible the prosecutor judge and defense attorneys will describe things that may be of a physical nature for example body language or some physical piece of evidence or exhibit you also o shared some remarks with me earlier about your observations of the judge Justice David lebrand so what have you observed about him what’s your uh what’s your judgment telling you uh I think that he’s a great judge and even though this entire experience in its totality has been incredibly unfair in my opinion to the defendants I do believe that they are getting as close as you can to a fair trial in the moment right now and so the most shocking thing for me and my experience here is that it’s actually given me more optimism and hope in the system than I otherwi would have expected the first female RCMP UC completed her testimony today which included cross-examination by Katherine Bak the defense attorney representing Chris carbert here’s a quote from this female undercover officer half the stuff I say is not lies allowing observers or the jurors to make inferences about what constitutes the other half of what is that she’s saying and she made this statement in response to something Katherine Bak said and here’s the quote from Bak you’re trained to deceive those you interact with and this statement came as part of a broader theme of Katherine bak’s line of questioning which suggested that deception and lying and dishonesty is a permanent feature or requirement of being an RCMP undercover officer here are some quotes this second female RCMP UCO said that Anthony olenic would talk about how he didn’t like cops that cops should all be hung and that his comments regarding police officers reflected disgust and disdain I’m just I’m remembering something now that sort of unifies this trial with yours and it is the absence of any direct video or audio evidence provided from the RCMP via the crown in the context of these charges so in this trial an undercover female police officer said that no recording devices were used in terms of being on her person or place somewhere in the place of the demonstration so basically no body camera video or audio evidence no microphone evidence that was the case also in your trial do you have any thoughts about that well I mean it’s a lot of the same things for us uh we were being charged for being leaders per se and then finally at the end they ended up changing it to where we encouraged others to block the highway and there was no evidence that we were leaders and the same way even though there is a lot of accusations going around there’s not a lot of video EV evidence or proof that these things actually happened and just as with the previous female UCO the second female UC was maintaining her anonymity this entire shielding process in which the public cannot access the courtroom within which she is testifying is to protect her identity given the the nature of her job Anthony olenic was the main target of testimony from this second female RCMP undercover operator who testified today almost all of the statements that she made all of her testimony revolved around what she said olenic told her in conversation in the context of this 2022 CS protest and blockade at which she was working and now just a last update in terms of your your trial or your sentence that’s coming up at the end of July right that’s correct yeah July 22nd is when sentencing begins I don’t know how the whole process works but that’s where it all begins that’s for sure any final thoughts or remarks for the audience yeah well thank you very much Rebel news for covering these type of things we definitely appreciate and thank you for the support we at Rebel news think this trial is of deep importance and it’s worth reporting on which is why we’re investing a lot into producing this original journalism and Reporting and of course operational costs come with that now I’m not living five star lifestyle out here in Lethbridge but to get here from Ottawa does require airfare got to get a car rental got to get accommodation consumables like food and gas and other things so we depend on our audience to keep this journalistic Enterprise going because as you know we’re not getting payouts from the federal government and we’re basically demonetized from the digital Tech platforms so folks please help us out let us keep this project running visit trucker trial.com and stay up toate with our ongoing coverage

| Robert Kraychik from Rebel News reports on the scene of the trial of the remaining defendants of the Coutts Four in Lethbridge. Visit Rebel News for more on this story ?

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  2. Nobody believes the lying police anymore, they have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are corrupt and no different than the Gestapo or the stazi, the police have literally become the terrorist arm of a treasonous government. Where are these mostly good cops? Where are these good cops they are more rare than unicorns to find.

  3. Bro you have some sweet Traps! Thanks for the report Robert! with out a direct threat from these men this case should be thrown out with no evidence except 3rd hand "he said this"…. 70 percent of the country has the same opinions

  4. I think it is high time that RCMP testamony, if not backed by electronic revording or corroborating witnesses, should be just treated for the hearsay that it is. Given no more weight just because I comes from a cop, than the testamony of the accused.

  5. Why does rebel news display the gun pic? What rc mp release to you is propaganda. I've hears that those guns were from a raid in Bonneville months earlier and not at all related to Coutts unless the rc mp brought them in. Any investigation into that?

  6. The fact these men were kept in reman for way over two years with no bail, often in solitary confinement and not having the basic health care they needed, has proven the judge did not treat these men fairly and it was held up by very little actual evidence. Yet they were disallowed any bail numerous times it was brought up. So the guy who says he is happy that they are being treated fairly in the court case is utter blaspheme as there was no hard evidence against them. The police themselves, were not even warned that their lives were in danger. This is already known information. It’s utter disrespect for the law.

  7. Zoltan is an idiot. Wonder who is paying him??..hmmm. Ezra had his mind changed about this situation but he put in investigative work. This idiot walks in at 9th hour with no background which he admits and his opinion is oh the justice system is so good. WTF!!!


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