Ukraine peace summit: US announces $1.5B of aid as Russia, China absent from talks


the Ukrainian peace Summit is underway in Switzerland over 90 countries and organizations are gathering to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine McKenzie gray joins us live from Switzerland right now he’s covering this story McKenzie the Prime Minister along with his G7 counterparts announced new funding in Italy over the past few days should we expect more announcements this weekend in Switzerland to help Ukraine yeah we’ll have to see about the financial commitments that come across here you know you mentioned 90 different countries that are represented but there are not nearly 90 world leaders at this event and really we’re looking at the number of world leaders who have significant importance you know one person that’s not here that’s really much to the scint of Vladimir zalinsky is Joe Biden he was just in Italy at the G7 but it’s KLA haris who’s here instead representing the Americans the Russians are not at the table the Chinese are there but not Xi Jinping the Indians are there but not narendro Modi so it’s a large conversation we were just actually watching the video it’s a massive room there are literally 90 countries around the table so we’ll have to see in terms of what comes forward here we do know what Canada is going to be focusing on and it’s trying to get children that Russia has taken from Ukraine and making sure that they can be brought back so we’ll see if there’s any funding announcements or other things that are related to that but we heard Vladimir zalinsky and a sit down with Justin Trudeau thank him for Canada’s push and efforts on that front it would likely be the key focus of Justin Trudeau here with the money actually being pushed out the door in F the to the five billion Canadian dollars from the Canadian perspective of the loan agreement that was done in Italy that will be for there and likely dealing with the Ukrainian kids who’ve been taken for this peace Summit in Switzerland okay and trau also met with Italian leader Georgia Maloney this morning and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday what came from those meetings we start off with Maloney that was a very pleasant meeting if you go back to last year with the G7 their sitd down was uh quite rockish one of the interesting moments of last year’s G7 Trudeau publicly criticized in the moment where the cameras are there beforehand Maloney’s lgbtq record this time a much more cordial kind meeting each meeting that the Prime Minister has his office puts out what’s called a readout basically they tell journalists and Folks at home who’d like to read it I would advise you not to they’re usually pretty boring but they tell you what they talked about and two key things were not mentioned today in the meeting lgbtq rights as we talked about before but also abortion and abortion being a particularly interesting thing because that the leaders communicate the document that goes out of the G7 Italy pushed very hard and was successful in removing language that had been in the past number of years about access to safe and legal abortions that was taken out at the Bea Maloney herself so Trudeau did not bring those issues up when they talked today very interesting in particular in the domestic contest where in the House of Commons we hear all the time the Liberals bringing up the abortion debate in reference to the conservatives when it comes to Modi yesterday his office was very tight lipped the prime minister’s office was very tight lipped on what was discussed saying they were just talking bilateral relations prime minister’s office actually might have been caught off guard a little bit the person who alerted us the media about this meeting was Narendra Mod’s Twitter account he tweeted out a fairy a photo taken by his staff of Trudeau and Modi shaking hands Trudeau again today was asked at a press conference what was discussed and he really did not go any further detail so no word on whether or not he brought up foreign interference in elections with the enop report naming India as one of the main countries that are attacking Canadian democracy as well the killing of hard sing Niner and BC no word if Trudeau brought those up during the meeting yesterday with Modi right and you mentioned foreign interference the Prime Minister also addressed the allegations of Canadian foreign interference this morning can you tell us a little bit about what he said and his potential concerns with the report released earlier this month yeah again we hear from the Prime Minister similar language that we’ve heard from Dominic oblanc of course the public safety Minister the minister who’s been really the point person in taking a lot of question on this Mr LeBlanc kind of threw some cold water on the port saying that they in essence didn’t interpret the intelligence in their estimation properly and Mr Trudeau echoed that today saying that they had concerns over what enop has done now it’s important to note this is a group of parliamentarians from both the House of Commons and the Senate that represent all different parties both the parties in the House of Commons and the different senatorial groups so interesting to hear the Prime Minister pushing back on that of course in the context of both juget saying and Elizabeth May reading those uh unredacted versions and having different conclusions Mr Sing saying that there are traitors in the House of Commons and then also Mr Trudeau would not say something that both Mr s and Miss may have said they have said that there are no new Democrats and no green party members listed within the report as people who are alleged to be either semi- witting or wittingly participating in foreign interference I asked the Prime Minister about that directly could he say whether or not liberal MPS currently sitting in his caucus were listed in that report he brushed off both questions both times so no Clarity in terms of if any liberal MPS are potentially named in this he won’t give the names they’ve said it would be Reckless quote unquote Dominic o blanc’s words to release that but not even any additional details from the Prime Minister on what’s in this report only an attempt to say that there are problems with it without giving any clarification on what Mr Trudeau thinks those problems are with this report okay McKenzie we will keep checking back with you for the latest that’s Mackenzie GR in Switzerland at the Ukrainian peace Summit thank you

World leaders are gathering in Switzerland this weekend for a summit aimed at pressuring Russia to end its war in Ukraine, but the absence of Moscow’s powerful allies — such as China — is raising questions about its potential impact.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and the leaders of the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are among those who joined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the summit which began on Saturday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also met with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the morning, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G7 summit in Italy the day before, drawing attention worldwide given recent political tension between these leaders.

Global’s Mackenzie Gray has the details.

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