Sexual assault survivors in Canadian military call for greater accountability


that’s my trades training right there I was top student Joanne Franklin spent 30 years in the Royal Canadian Navy out of sheer perseverance after she was sexually assaulted during her service so what happened to me uh started out as something consensual but it quickly became a nightmare she says that included sexual extortion and I buried it I didn’t start talking about it until I released from the military in 2020 the contents of a recent Veterans Affairs committee report on the experiences of female veterans are all too familiar to Franklin it found women in the Canadian Armed Forces are almost three times more likely to be survivors of sexual misconduct during their service than men women were left vulnerable uh when there was uh sexual misconduct on behalf of an institution that has failed you and despite that apology in 20121 this report recommends that the government and the Canadian Armed Forces officially apologize to the women who have served and continue to serve in a culture where military sexual trauma has been allowed to thrive finally um and there’s yeah there’s a lot of work to be done Mia Lynch’s first sexual assault happened after she joined the naval Reserve as a teen I ended up getting a rape kit done which was my first pth test and I refused to say a name because that wasn’t how I was going to start off my military career culture of the military she says doesn’t encourage women to come forward and doesn’t hold perpetrators accountable that means women don’t feel safe she left the force in 2018 this isn’t um something that should just Shrugged off by the government the general population the only way for the Canadian Armed Forces to change is for calf leadership to be willing to sit down with the victims that its System created for Franklin the slow pace of change noted in the report is proof those at the top still aren’t listening Heidi petc Global News huble Nova Scotia

WARNING: Video contains content that may be disturbing to viewers. Discretion is advised.

On Wednesday, Ottawa’s Veterans Affairs Committee released a scathing report on how women are treated by the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs..

The report found women in the armed forces were 2.5 times more likely to be survivors of sexual misconduct during their service than men.

Heidi Petracek speaks to women whose military careers were shattered by sexual assault about the accountability they say is missing.

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  1. Do we think that the way the bar associations in our legal system dehumanizes traumatized people, could also be a mitigating factor? Google dealing with difficult clients,by Carole Curtis, to see how our judiciary and their insurers do just that? Maybe updating the strategies and evaluation techniques in the places traumatized people go for help is a more productive approach than this cycle of what appear to be superficial apologies and commitments to change? That’s not too woke, is it?

  2. Another day, another media story about sexual misconduct in the CAF. I wonder how anyone survives it?!! Unless . . . maybe it isn't the problem it's made out to be? Nah – media doesn't hype sensationalize problems for views….. right? …….right?!?!


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