McGill condemns image of armed fighters shared by encampment group


a social media post by organizers of the pro Palestinian encampment at McGill is prompting outrage from the University a Jewish group and some politicians the post promotes what the protesters call a revolutionary summer youth program the post on Instagram features an image of what appears to be armed Palestinian Fighters Jennifer Yun has more the post appears to show masked armed Palestinian Fighters that are reading and and it pledges to quote educate the Youth of Montreal and Promises things like physical activity Arabic language instruction cultural crafts political discussion and history lessons now Miguel president deep senini came out pretty strongly against it in a statement quote imagery evoking violence is not a tool of peaceful expression or assembly and that the university has once again reached out to Municipal provincial and federal governments to intervene saying that it’s a matter of National Security that’s according to the university and the mayor’s office did say it saw the images called the image shocking and has said that it’s in touch with the police and with the university sinini also says solidarity for Palestinian human rights one of the student groups behind the encampment is not engaging an open dialogue or peaceful protest something Bene Bri is also saying this is not peaceful at all this is basically hate incitement that is just driving up the level of hate and hate incidents and hate crimes that are taking place in our society we believe that excuse the language somebody at City Hall has to grow a pair and get rid of this I spoke with Pro Palestinian protesters here and asked them why they chose to use that particular image with the guns they told me that they felt it was a historic image that was relevant listen this is a historical image of a colonized people learning about uh the colonial struggle of another people this that the image is historical image now what he should really be preoccupied about and which what is truly a um an issue is the uh weapons manufacturing uh that is going the the the assistance to weapons companies and complicity with weapons manufacturing companies that is right here on campus protesters say that they will pack up and leave if the university agrees to their demands to cut ties with Israel and Israeli institutions Migel has said that it’s willing to look into divesting from certain companies protesters have rejected that offer saying it doesn’t go far enough Jennifer Yun CBC News Montreal

A McGill University student group posted an image on Instagram from 1970 depicting several armed fighters reading books. University president Deep Saini called it ‘extremely alarming,’ while a student organizer maintains it is a ‘historical photograph’ of colonized people learning about the colonial struggles of others.

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