“Let’s go Oilers!”: Edmonton Oilers 6-year-old superfan travels 30 hours for game 4


[Music] these Stanley Cup finals Mark the culmination of a remarkable Journey for Easton oing I throw your jersey on the six-year-old was born with a rare disorder he struggles to walk and talk but he has no problem cheering on his favorite team who’s your favorite team o Oilers yeah a couple of years ago Easton’s parents had an idea for Halloween when your special needs son needs a Halloween costume and your husband is handy Easton’s mom produced this video her husband constructing an Oilers Zamboni fitted with a makeshift wheelchair ready for this they posted the video online all of a sudden it was like boom just blew off the video has since been viewed millions of times and then they received a phone call Oilers Superstar Connor McDavid wanted to meet is he your favorite player yeah yeah did you sign your jersey on your back yeah not only did McDavid autograph his jersey the entire Edmonton Oiler his zambon just the smile on his face when when he sees the players and he gets to high five them surprisingly the family is actually from enemy territory Sarnia Ontario Southwest of Toronto they drove 30 hours to Edmonton for Saturday’s must-win game even just walking around the arena and around the fan parks and stuff like that people are always coming up to them and say cool wheelchair man and yeah it’s just been uh unreal and they’re not the only Out of Towners during the semi-finals a couple of weeks ago this British Colombian was inspired to write a song should I just give her let’s go he posted it online and a couple of Edmonton radio DJs happened to hear it it suddenly becomes something of an unofficial anthem [Music] United States to play can’s for an Edmonton team with its back against the wall searching foration they needn’t look very far go

Six-year-old Easton was born with a rare disorder that makes it difficult to walk and talk, but has no problem cheering on his favourite hockey team: the Edmonton Oilers.

For one Halloween, his parents even transformed his wheelchair into a makeshift Oilers zamboni, catching the attention of fans online and NHL superstar Connor McDavid alike. Not only did the Oilers captain autograph his jersey, but the entire Edmonton Oilers team signed his zamboni.

For the Stanley Cup finals, the Ontario family drove 30 hours to Edmonton in order to experience the game in person.

Global’s Jeff Semple has the details.

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  1. These stories are fun, but do you know how many children have a disability. Jesus, man, we got to stop doing this…. by the way, just so you know you got Connor mcdavid's feet signature


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