Health Ministry Wants 5 Months To Hand Over Secret Documents


the health Ministry just took a five-month delay to turn over records on governor general Mary Simon’s online harms Symposium Justice Minister Arif veran and other public servants like Dr Teresa Tam of the public health agency of Canada claimed they were not at the controversial partisan event in April where veran promoted his Flagship piece of censorship legislation in an official government capacity however the document access delay caused by a quote large L volume of Records tends to suggest otherwise now the governor general Symposium on building a safe and respectful Digital World held on Thursday April 11th at redo Hall promoted the Liberals not yet passed online harms Bill the event was attended by online scolds government funded cry bully activists unemployed Tik Tok journalists the public health agency’s Dr Teresa t and of course Arif veran the Justice Minister it was a revolting partisan display from an entitled governor general with no respect for the office she holds governor general Mary Simon represents the king in Canada and not just in trudo’s interest to sign the petition asking her to resign or be fired go to fires aren’s office says the minister only showed up at the event for lunch and that the bill naturally came up with some attendees it’s an unbelievable excuse only an idiot would believe this of course means some mainstream media ate that excuse up Hook Line and Sinker but over here at Rebel news we wanted to know what official role the government Ministries and agencies played in the abuse of Simon’s role to push the partisan liberal agenda we know Teresa town was there did she just wander in for lunch too now thanks to your donations at Rebel investigates get the documents back instead we got a delay there were too many documents to turn over so the health Ministry has taken a 5 Monon delay what will this volume of document say about Mary Simon and her improper work with the federal government to push the government’s liberal agenda I guess I’ll let you know in October and I’m sure we’ll see more than just a polite invitation to lunch for Rebel news I’m Sheila guned [Music] if you believe that governor general Mary Simon hosting a partisan liberal event is an atrocious abuse of her nonpartisan role please go to Fir and sign the petition today

| Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel News reports on the access to information request that Rebel News filed surrounding the controversial online harms symposium held by the Governor General.
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