Game Con Canada’s Debut in Edmonton Draws Huge Crowds of Gamers

game con canada

“Game Con Canada is not just another gaming convention; it is the pinnacle of video game culture, bringing together tens of thousands of enthusiasts under one roof. From esports tournaments to tabletop gaming events, cosplay contests, and more, this annual three-day extravaganza offers something for everyone. But beyond the glitz and glamour lies a deeper purpose – a celebration of creativity, community, and the power of gaming to unite people from all walks of life.

Unveiling Space Marine 2: The MEPC Signature Edition

The highlight of Game Con Canada this year is the unveiling of Space Marine 2, the MEPC Signature Edition, which promises to take the gaming world by storm. Co-founder Marc Belisle is thrilled by the overwhelming response to the convention, with attendance breaking all records. From high-powered gaming PCs to exclusive gameplay previews, the event is a true feast for gaming enthusiasts.

A Platform for Innovation and Connection

For international developers like Sebastian Proenca of Focus Entertainment, Game Con Canada is more than just a convention – it is a platform to connect with fans and showcase their latest creations. The auctioning of Warhammer-branded gaming PCs, with proceeds going to charity, highlights the spirit of giving back that pervades the gaming community. This convergence of innovation, creativity, and philanthropy sets Game Con Canada apart as a unique and impactful event.

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Gaming

While digital gaming takes center stage at Game Con Canada, board games, cards, and dice also have a dedicated space, showcasing the diversity and richness of the gaming landscape. Manny Trembly, the creator of Dice Throne, emphasizes the immersive experience of board games and the joy of connecting with players directly. With a focus on inclusivity and creativity, Game Con Canada celebrates all forms of gaming and seeks to build a strong foundation for the future.


As the curtains close on Game Con Canada, one thing is clear – gaming is more than just a pastime; it is a vibrant and evolving art form that brings people together, sparks creativity, and fosters a sense of community. By embracing innovation, diversity, and philanthropy, Game Con Canada sets a shining example for the gaming industry as a whole. As we bid farewell to this year’s convention, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines the world of gaming.”



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