COVID-19, Ebola, bird flu: What risks do zoonotic infections pose?


there have only been a few detections of h5n1 bird flu so far in humans most via animal contact scientists say the risk is low but they’re concerned it’s a type of infection they’re always watching a SARS one was from a civet Ms is from a camel um uh H1N1 was was likely from a a pig farm zuntic diseases start in animals one species spreads it and the more it spreads the higher the chance it mutates into something more infectious h5n1 jumped from birds to cows now that it’s circulating in mammals scientists worry it could spread from Human to human it’s happened before Ebola is zuntic and three out of every four new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals according to the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention if we don’t really know what’s happening on that Fringe of of animals then we don’t really have a full picture of what’s going on British Columbia now monitors chronic wasting disease a highly contagious fatal infection in Deer detected in BC for the first time last February vaccines can help protect against spillover infections but making one can depend on three things it’s a bit of an economic question as well as um a public health question and maybe a scientific question whether Pharma companies will make enough money selling it whether the infection is poised to spread and harm many people and whether scientists can make one Climate Change destroys habitats pushing animals and humans together scientists say it’s time for better worldwide monitoring and communication we have to acknowledge this this is only going to happen more and more Nathaniel Dove Global News

Bird flu continues to spread around the world. So far only a small number of people have been infected, and most through animal contact. But scientists worry it could spread further.

The H5N1 avian flu is a zoonotic disease, meaning it jumped from animals to humans in what’s called a spillover event.

Global’s Nathaniel Dove explains how zoonotic infections spread and what risk such a disease could pose.

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  1. Everyone of you will be held accountable. There is a God and he is righteous. You will stand and give account to Yahweh and very soon. Time is short. He knows and we know that you are covering up scientific, medical and government corruption. You will stand and give account and when you do you will be shaking in your boots. There will be no escape.

  2. it is a very dangerous virus, right? then human can take it, right? then there is good people who follow the word of God and bad people who deny there is word of God, right? there is people who love money and hinself more than anything, right? some human are dangerous because they are in bad mood, right? those people were deceived so that they are in bad mood, right? it is a dangerous virus and the knowledge about it is also dangerous to all of human beings, right?

  3. Most viral outbreaks for the past 100 years have come from the same place, China??:
    – Spanish Flu, 1919
    – H2N2, 1957
    – H3N2, 1968
    – H5N1, 1997
    – SARS, 2003
    – H7N9 Bird Flu, 2006
    – H1N1 Swine Flu, 2009
    – Porcine Pestivirus, 2013
    – Covid-19, 2019
    – Walking Pneumonia, 2023


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