Calgary declares state of local emergency over water main break


but we begin with breaking news in Calgary mayor Joe T gondek has declared a local state of emergency in relation to the catastrophic water M break repairs on that water M that Services 60% of the city are now expected to last three to five weeks alongside water use restrictions and for more on this we turn now to the cbc’s Albert delala so Albert what’s the latest well Linda as as you said the mayor are declaring a state local emergency for for Calgary uh uh following that catastrophic water main break and she says that by declaring this uh this state of local emergency it gives the the city powers that it doesn’t normally have uh to to to complete those repairs those repairs that you’re seeing ongoing right on your screen there she said and this comes after crew discovered as we’ve been talking about five uh more damaged sections that that need repair so what she says is that um is that by uh putting in this the state of local emergency it will allow them to expedite those repairs to set up a a staging process potentially and uh and potentially uh allowing them more ability to go on to private property uh and that would give them the space they need to work on those five sites simultaneously she says uh here’s here’s more from mayor uh jot gondek about why she say she didn’t take she didn’t make this decision lightly we are looking at another 3 to five weeks weeks before water is Flowing as it normally would in our city that’s 3 to five more weeks of your best water conservation efforts and that is difficult to say and I’m sure it’s difficult to hear so Calgary what I can tell you is that if we can make this happen faster we will absolutely make it happen faster and I’m determined to do everything that I can to do so I promise that to you so the mayor’s saying there that that that extended timeline three to five more weeks of restricted water use uh she’ll try to make that shorter she said right there but uh but that remains to be seen she says that yesterday’s water use uh remained at about the same level as the last update when they were calling for people to reduce their use uh they did say that people are for the most part doing a good job at that but that more there is more work to be done she’s also encouraging commercial users of water to to reduce their use uh uh such as by allowing employees to work from home she said uh potentially um uh reducing uh their needs to uh to use the water resources at their workplaces and she encourages people to even uh and she’s been repeating this over the past few days but to consider how many times they flush a toilet she says that that one uh less uh flush per day would save about 12 million uh liters of water for the city and she has been asked she has been asked to about the Calgary Stampede which is just a less than uh three weeks away at this point um she said that she declines to speculate about the future or about the the status of the of the Stampede uh uh this year but she says that looking at that timeline that the mass suggests that the situation is being contemplated right now but she hasn’t revealed more about that at this time she also says that there isn’t a further update uh expected this afternoon uh at around 2 pm Mountain Time Linda thanks for this that’s Albert Della from our Newsroom now the community of boness in Northwest Calgary has been really at the center of this crisis it’s home to more than 60 businesses and many have had to adapt through the ongoing water restrictions with Father’s Day coming up as well on Sunday I want you to consider heading out for lunch or just to do some shopping in both bonis and Montgomery to treat dad uh those communities have had a lot of uh customers not come by in the last few days because of the situation were in I’m sure they could really use your support residents and businesses were forced to boil water in the early days of the restrictions and trucks were parked around the neighborhoods to ensure residents had access to clean water for more on how calgarians are coping with the ongoing water restrictions all these limitations we’re joined by Jackie esler she’s with the Main Street boness business Improvement area she’s been managing through the restrictions also while acting as a resource for the community Jackie I want to thank you for being with us on the program today thanks for having me so uh we just heard from the mayor declaring a local state of emergency uh she says because they have to work on five sites at once they may need to go on to private property and that will give them the powers to be able to do that of course the reason they have to go on to that private property is because repairs are going to take another three to weeks they’ve got a more repairs to do than initially thought your reaction to all of this news that has happened over the last 24 hours well I gotta be honest it’s uh it’s overwhelming and uh I’m still uh ingesting all of it um the businesses have started to just kind of in Bon s anyways have started to just come back and uh feel like it’s kind of normal again um and uh I I I don’t see this though as just a boness or Montgomery issue anymore uh not that it ever was this is a Calgary issue so I’m concerned because there will be road closures all summer um I believe that it’ll it’ll be a problem getting into our communities um but this is a bigger issue than just our community bonus and you know we mentioned the number of businesses in your community and the call out for support for businesses how have business has been affected by all of this well last weekend basically um it was our parking lots were half empty their sales were down 50% so I mean it was just a it was it was just like Co all over again no one was going in because they either couldn’t get into boness or they thought they couldn’t get into boness you always could access it it just uh it was just people not uh wanting to go um so we had a really slow week it sort of ground to a halt on a Monday Tuesday and it really has started to come back um people have been reminded that boness and Montgomery are still around uh because of the news uh coverage so that’s been really great um but I’m and I hope this weekend is really good because it is Father’s day it is neighbor day today as well uh so we’re we’re you know we’re excited for that because um that’s an anniversary of the flood from 2013 ironically enough uh so it’s there’s a lot going on right now in Calgary and the Stampede is close uh in a few weeks so that’s always that’s also a bit nerve-wracking because that’s coming up and um and uh things have to move quickly in order to get to that point yeah how has the community really sort of banded together as you say you know you’re no stranger to challenges uh with the floods and and all of that and then you mentioned covid as well so it’s been a rough go it has been a rough go I got to be honest uh bonian and that’s what they call themselves are very resilient people they’ve come together in many many situations the flood was a a great start to that in a way it was kind of like the Playbook to start with everything else um people came with water people came with food people came with help it didn’t matter what what we needed it was there and uh last week the Community Association was a flurry of people um um and it was just an amazing site to see so boness does um um answer the call when um they need it and people come out and you know you mentioned the people bringing water and things like that so you’re dealing with the water restrictions as well uh we’re hearing the ongoing call to conserve what is the challenge when it comes to businesses trying to conserve water because um you know during that press conference we also heard the mayor uh encouraging businesses to do things like let people work from home how does that work for you well it doesn’t work in a in a retail or restaurant setting for sure um so that’s where it’s going to be tricky because there were Alberta Health Service uh restrictions on businesses last weekend um but moving forward I don’t know what those restrictions are going to look like and what businesses going to be allowed to do uh so this is where um it’s going to be hard uh or a tricky situation to navigate and businesses are going to have to comply which is another challenge that they’ve going to have to deal with so we’ll see what uh happens in the in the next few weeks here what do you need over the next few weeks uh either whether it be from the city or from the province or from the local community well we need great communication from our city and our Province we need a we need the pipe to be fixed that’s what we need uh we we need uh positive uh um answers uh we need to know that people are working around the clock um this is not just like I said a bonu problem anymore um I’m concerned because I’m bumping into people that are saying oh it’s over and I’m like it’s not over so I don’t know the messages aren’t getting out there enough and um the ones that are I don’t think they’re resonating enough with people well we’re we’re hearing the mayor saying you know they’re doing whatever they can to bring the timeline down we certainly for your sake and for all the folks out there in Calgary we hope that they’re able to do that and Jackie yesler amidst all of the challenges you’re dealing with we thank you for taking the time today thanks for having me thank you

Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek says she is reaching out to the private sector to find solutions, calling it an ‘all hands on deck situation.’ The state of emergency comes after city officials announced Friday that five additional sites on the water feeder main need repair.

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