Trespassing activists at U of T’s ‘Little Gaza’ refuse to follow the rules


my all-time favorite Yiddish word is hutzpah it means sheer unmitigated Gull and although the year isn’t quite halfway over yet I think I have a solid candidate for the most outrageous Act of hutzpah for 2024 and it can be found down at so-called little Gaza that festering hatefi Tent City situated upon the Lawns of King’s College circle at the University of Toronto for more than six weeks now this Crucible of seething hatred has taken up lease here it is populated by gruesome squatters who are breaking several sections of the trespass act this disgrace could have been removed on the first day it went up as a similar encampment was at the University of Calgary as a similar encampment was at Toronto’s York University but no uft’s president I mertler is so spine challenged he continues to bend the knee to the Hitler youth movement here it’s a pathetic disgrace really but back to the sheer unmitigated G part you see while the people here by their very presence are carrying out a criminal act they are acting as though they are not the trespassers but rather the actual landlords of King’s College Circle for starters you you can’t even get past the Gatekeepers unless you’re vetted and approved seriously check it out how you doing there sir just wondering do you mind if we walk in and ask people some questions about what it is they’re doing here no we can’t go in is this your property yes sorry English your second language maybe or no why are you here today sir by the way apparently the key to gaining admittance is spouting Pro Hamas anti-israel sentiment then you’re in like Flynn I refuse to do that of course so it is that I shall never get in not much of a loss really I should think but the other day when we attempted to gain entry a nice lady can I call her a lady I don’t want to misgender anyone after all well she handed me this pamphlet it’s entitled Community guidelines and principles of unity H that’s riche squatters who by their very presence are breaking the rules are Now setting the rules for the rest of us talk about insult to injury thus without further Ado let’s check some of the so-called guidelines and principles shall we let’s start with this Whopper under the guidelines for non on campers section quote anyone can walk through our encampment but we will not platform opportunist end quote um no not quite anyone as I said we’ve been trying to get in since day one no dice you saw the video evidence earlier and here check out these Jewish UFT professors who also tried to gain entry to The Lawns they actually work at the University but they were physically blocked from Gaining access as well check it out step back move away move away don’t tell me to back up don’t tell me to back up I’m a professor you’re on indigenous property I don’t care I’m not causing any problem you’re on indigenous property and we give them perion to IND indous property everywhere you go is indigenous everywhere go get out of the way get are you know are you touching me you just touched me I did you just touched me I touched you okay now move away move away I’m not I’m not exactly don’t engage we’re not wor your time I watch here every day for what are you doing problem you don’t know my background I’m indigenous too you dumb ass make the wood First Nation they’re the people guarding this are you are you kidding me I’ve walked across this thing for years despicable let’s skip ahead to guidelines for messaging for starters quote no hate symbols end quote Oh really there are signs all over the encampment that read from the river to the Sea and intifa those are coded messages for the Geno side of the Jewish people never mind oh and here’s another Whopper quote no symbols for contentious political groups I.E Hamas Hezbollah end quote yeah you heard that correctly Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations but rather they’re contentious politic iCal groups you know like the NDP or the green party or something wow here’s another winner folks quote state flags are tolerated but not encouraged except for Sudan South Africa indigenous allies of Palestine end quote isn’t that so nice of these unhappy campers to tolerate certain Flags oh by the way even though this protest is happening in Canada and is staged I would think by a hefty percentage of Canadians you will not see a single solitary Canadian flag flying here why is that you ask oh well it’s because they hate Canada and they hate you this is not conjecture check out what this lovely young scholar had to say do you still think Canada doesn’t exist I do and that’s that’s a hill that I will die on so wow yeah so you don’t like Canon nope hate it you hate can why are you here then ma’am cuz unfortunately it was colonized by people who brought here we came here with nothing came here with everything except for land but claim it as theirs how does that really make sense okay then but you could fly tomorrow to Mexico cross the southern border unmolested and you’re in a different country easy peasy what was the hold on what was that comment unmolested for can you adapt onto that what was that where did that just what was that you’re not to be stopped by border guards you know there’s millions of illegal migrants that have gone into America you could have you could have used different terms than unmolested sir that looked that that’s that’s a bit insensitive if you you what I’m sorry I didn’t mean to trigger you yeah that that’s kind of just insensitive what what would you prefer I used literally there’s a bunch of other terms you could have used I don’t but just not that I whatever else you want to say just not that yeah just she’s just saying the language that you used was not preferable you you know for for a news channel in my opinion as you’re a news channel that language for the context of our conversation conversation isn’t appropriate well I’m very sorry to hear that you know that when I use molested I didn’t meet in in a sexual way I do I do understand that but if you’re just if that word just flies out randomly Sometimes some people just interpret it differently you know what do you want to bet she’s taking gender studies oh as always when it comes to the written word the devil is in the details check out this guideline for messaging quote no chance that directly call for the murder of any person or group cops IDF BB girtler end quote uh did you catch that I speak of the word directly thus my interpretation of this nasty nugget is that one can indirectly call for the murder of any person or group and that would be a okay which more or less explains the coded genocidal messaging of from The River To The Sea and intifa these cats don’t come right out and say death to the Jews and Destroy Israel even though this is exactly what they mean and Lust For let’s hop over to the section entitled guidelines for campers the first guideline that caught my eye is found in the subsection entitled Zero Tolerance policy under the the ban is quote hate speech racism ableism transphobia homophobia sexism classism Etc end quote um transphobia and homophobia are they serious you see in big Gaza as opposed to Baby Gaza transphobia and homophobia are deeply embraced Concepts gazin take joy in executing members of the rainbow Community as for racism these campers certainly don’t practice what they preach I defer back to the poster girl for the I hate Canada movement on campus check it out take your opinions and shove it up your white [Music] ass why why why are you bringing race into this argument because I can you see even though she doesn’t seem to realize this fact referencing my skin color is inherently racist and she’s not a one-off is she you heard her comrades cheering on her racist rant wow for an encampment that has zero tolerance for hatred it sure looks to me like there’s a whole heap in helping of hatred being tolerated or maybe it’s a matter of selective hatred is okay [Music]

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies discussed the ongoing illegal anti-Israel encampment at the University of Toronto.

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  1. It is against the law to provide support for Hamas, which has been designated by the government as an illegal terrorist entity. Please sign our petition demanding that the government deport non-citizens, including foreigners on student visas, who are abusing the privilege of being our guests by supporting Hamas hate rallies:

  2. Our WW2 military ? RIP ? are rolling in their graves imagine being able to ask then know what they think of our country I'd be wmbarrassed to tell our WW2 heroes im Canadian bcs of the corruption lies scandal and a lack of leadership

  3. WoW,…and Canada is prosecuting the truckers who had a peaceful but noisy demonstrations,who cleaned up after themselves.
    It was the Police..who became violent,..and made a the city.
    And here we see….
    the police do nothing.
    Note: how that constable is working his way behind the Professors..
    Preparing to smack down the two Professors.
    That poor excuse for a woman..sounds like an idiot.

  4. Please all Jewish philanthropist please stop or pull your funding to the disgraceful University of Toronto.

    This is not free speech this is anti-semitism in its purest form.


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