Health Canada’s ‘Pandemic Instrument Team’ gives an update on WHO pandemic negotiations


the public health agency of Canada has an entire bureaucracy called the pandemic instrument team and they’ve just sent out an update on the world health organizations pandemic agreement negotiations the who is going to need uh more resources to have a dedicated team not just for when the epidemic comes but to go to the world’s countries and make sure that these drills are being done you know we do fire drills uh you know the defense department does war games we need for epidemics uh to practice in fact one of the reasons why Australia did well uh is that it like uh Taiwan was threatened by SARS kov1 and to this idea of okay who are these PCR people how do you get them engaged it was partly practiced because of that previous uh threat and so we need to be doing every five years a really comprehensive exercise at at both country and Regional level of pandemic preparedness and you need a Global Group that’s kind of scoring everybody and saying hey you know if you’re not participating in this you could be the source of the next pandemic and that’s bad for the entire world this is like a fire that goes Global on June 12th an email was sent out by the public health agency’s new pandemic instrument team with the status of the the World Health organization’s pandemic agreement negotiations anyone who has signed up for the health Canada and public health agency of Canada’s stakeholder registry can receive these updates the email said Canada has been working with other World Health Organization wh member states to develop a pandemic agreement the goal of this agreement is to help Nations prevent and minimize the devastating Health social and economic consequences of a potential future pandemic on June 1st 2024 at the 77th World Health assembly member states adopted a resolution to extend pandemic agreement negotiations up to one year and to submit the outcome before or at the 78th World Health assembly which will be held in May 2025 Canada is committed to the pandemic agreement process and to supporting multilateral cooperation on pandemic prevention preparedness and response we will also continue to engage with Canadian partners and stakeholders to ensure that Canadian priorities and values are reflected in the pandemic agreement more information on Canada’s role in the development of the pandemic agreement can be found on the government of Canada’s website and then the email is signed off by the pandemic instrument team now the link directs to this page which describes the pandemic agreement as a way to strengthen Global pandemic prevention preparedness and response the page confirms that the powers that be haven’t been able to even agree on what to call this thing a pandemic agreement pandemic instrument pandemic treaty or pandemic Accord and that its development is expected to take until at least 2024 yet we’re more than halfway through 2024 and a name hasn’t even been finalized or perhaps this website last updated in February is simply outdated now according to the pandemic instrument partner and stakeholder engagement Forum published in August 2023 the breakdown of participants did not include any regular Canadian citizens participants instead included broadly defined academics experts and researchers provincial territorial indigenous Departments of health and health authorities health and Allied Health Services sector youth private sector associations and non-government organizations and nonprofit organizations of course big Pharma and biomedical technology data harvesting companies were there long-term commitments are described as open communication and information sharing transparency and accountability collaboration for enhanced PPP pandemic prevention preparedness and response funding and building capacity and of course ensuring firm commitments for a unified Global Response that means more binding commitments that prioritize Public Health but what happened when we prioritized Public Health throughout 2020 and 2021 it meant the mass decimation of small businesses and economic shuttering from supply chain issues and leading to the inflationary period most of us are suffering through today it also saw the largest transfer of wealth that meant billionaires got richer at the expense of small business owners something even the oligarchs at the world economic Forum acknowledged the public health response that saw the unprecedented shuttering of schools scho forced isolation of children and locked them out of sports and extracurriculars that caused mental health issues disproportionately affecting said children and young adults masking that caused its own set of issues from dehumanizing communication skills to hindering language development in our youngest demographics not to mention depriving everyone of the ability to breathe unfettered necessary fresh air the impacts of prioritizing Public Health above all else were in direct contravention of a healthy democracy and these self claimed stakeholders sound like they don’t have any skin in the game other than all benefit and little risk now while the government claims that the wh has no jurisdiction in Canada we saw very early in the pandemic an advice such as this from Public Health Ontario that the World Health Organization was being extensively sourced to back up the kneejerk and non-evidence-based health dictat being indiscriminately applied to the general population while the who moves to strengthen its mandate giving sole direction to CL arations of pandemics or public health emergencies of international concern as director General Tedros Edam gabrius has put it this decision will fall squarely on his shoulders without any oversight or adherence to democratic due process and Tedros bordered on hate speech last month at the 77th World Health assembly meeting where he said that the world needs to strategize against supposed antivaxers blaming them for creating Havoc throughout the covid unfolding serious challenge that’s posed by antivaxers and I think we need to strategize to really push back because vaccines work vaccines affect adults and we have signs evidence on our side I think it’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on antivaxers think they use covid as an opportunity and you know all the Havoc they’re they’re creating maybe that’s one of the messages also I would like to include to whatever I have said is vilifying scapegoating and maligning an identifiable group of people something that a purported leader of global Health should be doing why is our country backing an individual and the private organization that he represents and who voted on any of this for Rebel news I’m tamary ugolini please stay up to date on our reporting on this topic at no pandemic there you can sign our petition sign up for our email and of course support our journalistic efforts if you’re able to contribute financially all of that at no pandemic thanks for your support

| The Public Health Agency of Canada has an entire bureaucracy called the Pandemic Instrument Team dedicated to negotiations that will strengthen the World Health Organization mandate and orchestrate unified response plans. Tamara Ugolini from Rebel News reports.

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  1. A pandemic exercise every five years. Didn't the last pandemic start with an exercise and then they took it live. At what point should these poke pushers be arrested.
    Just because you have stock in a pharmaceutical company doesn't give you any credence in science.

  2. Australia did well? They were beating the hell out of their citizens Bill.
    I couldn't believe what I was seeing on YouTube or hearing from news outlets!
    I didn't know their citizens don't have a Charter I guess, but still that was brutal Bill, totally brutal! ?
    Citizens are supposed to have a choice Bill, when we take that away that sends a message that's contrary to everything the western world was built on.

  3. Tedros, we are not anti-vacsers, we just chose not to be an Experimental lab rat for big Pharma and your pockets!! We have taken immunizations that have been historically PROVEN to be "SAFE and EFFECTIVE!" Shove your experimental poisons….you know where!

  4. Bill Gates wants global response; Facilities, special agents, planes, Chinese military style sweep of cattle on a Global Pandemic threat for "IMMUNIZATION and DETAINMENT"

    Think about it; Global Threat. All airports closed simultaneously. Everyone inside Locked in. No flights. Everyone at an Air Port corralled.

    All travel stopped, Marshal Law, Military check points.

    Swabbing, thermal scanning, Immunization. Any who do not comply, taken to facilities and detained. If they still Rebel, permanently held, experimented on and likely killed.

    There was talk about 20 years ago about Coding mail system. I think it was "Green, Blue, Red"

    Red were immediately to be removed as threat to National security.

    Meaning, Marshal Law declared, SWAT style execution.

    Yeah, not so much "Theory" now is it..

  5. The WHO and Public Health Canada run the same Luciferian racket that other corrupt western governments use to start wars, so they can impose wartime measures, override civil rights, override human rights, hijack and pilfer public monies to feed greedy corrupt institutions and industries as well as engineer the slaughter of hapless peoples.

  6. Does anyone else wish Gates would just take a long walk off of a short pier already!? His direct family ancestry is one that heavily believed in eugenics. That essentially speaks for itself as to his true "philanthropic intentions". He is like a buzzard circling in the sky above a freshly wounded and helpless animal . . .

  7. Because Trudo is making money off of this and so are other politicians here in Canada. They seem to be still pushing it with all the data out there you think they’d want to keep up because this is going to turn around and bite them right in the a$$. You mess up your plandemic and now you are done. GOODBYE WHO CRIMINAL


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