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Meats and cheeses hanging from a greasy pole in Philadelphia finally cut down after a month

“Every year in Philadelphia, a festive tradition unfolds as people attempt to climb a 10-metre pole greased with lard to capture prizes like fine Italian meats and cheeses. This year’s event at the South 9th Street Italian Market Festival was a hit, with only some provolone and spicy salami left dangling over the market even after the festivities ended.

The Unexpected Delay in Disassembling the Grease Pole

However, much to the dismay of local businesses, these perishable prizes remained suspended for another month. Event organizer Michele Gambino admitted to the oversight, attributing it to the hectic post-festival clean-up.

The Grease Pole Game Across the Globe

Philadelphia’s grease pole game is part of a larger tradition seen in various events worldwide, drawing crowds to the Italian Market Festival. Participants work together in teams to climb the pole and claim the prizes, showcasing a sense of camaraderie and fun.

The Awkward Aftermath

Although this year’s prizes did spoil to some extent, Gambino assured that it never reached an unpleasant smell. Yet, residents and visitors alike were not thrilled by the extended presence of the prizes, leading to polite reminders to take them down.

Ending the Greasy Chapter

After a month-long delay, a man in a crane finally arrived to remove the prizes, wrapping up the unusual spectacle. Cheesemonger Tommy Amorim, who had donated the provolone, took charge of the clean-up, declaring an end to the ‘world’s worst wind chime’ saga.

A Lesson Learned

Gambino reflected on the incident, acknowledging the confusion caused by the lingering prizes but also noting the novelty it brought to visitors. Looking ahead, she vowed to prevent a repeat performance by assigning clear responsibilities for clean-up in the future.

As the grease pole returned to its ordinary state, Gambino emphasized the importance of timely dismantling to avoid such lingering mishaps. While the incident provided a quirky talking point for tourists, efficiency and organization will be prioritized for future festivals. The grease pole may no longer be a topic of intrigue once it loses its distinctive prizes, but the lesson learned in prompt dismantling will ensure smoother events in the years to come.”



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