Catholic school board rejects flying Pride flag… only to fly one anyway!


[Applause] I am happy that uh today at least they stood with Catholic values Bruce here is the reason for our visit what is a pride flag doing here when that motion went down to defeat on Tuesday David men for Rebel news here in Moga Ontario and folks I’m at the duffen Peele Catholic District School Board we have returned here my cameraman Lincoln J and I we were here on Tuesday to watch a motion go down to spectacular defeat namely there were some woke trustees that wanted to mandate the flying of the pride progress flag at Catholic District School Board schools it was voted down so a victory won well not necessarily if you can imagine we were tipped off that in this rear entrance exit C there is the display of a pride flag what’s going on the trustees voted this motion down and somehow the administration maybe the Director of Education I don’t know we’re going to try to find out has decided no I’m not accepting the will of the trustees no I’m not accepting what the parents had to say and by by the way they came out on mass here check out this rockus meeting a Catholic School Board should not promote any political or cultural beliefs that is not biblical and I can tell you right now our students don’t feel safe replacing National and provincial flights with LGBT flights sends the wrong message to our children and supporters of Catholic Education [Applause] for the first time I’m glad for the decision so this is not excluding anybody but rather this is following the teachings of Jesus Christ everybody your voices are so powerful it’s more powerful than mine please continue to speak out there’s going to be no space in the future where any diversity of opinion is permitted honestly I think it’s more about the trying to undermine Catholic values and teachings everything the Flag represents unfortunately is is of sexual nature so in any event the pride flag is still going up here this is in violation of democratic principles as far as I can tell so we’re going to go into the school through the main entrance and find out what’s what why is the administration here why is it the Director of Education perhaps not accepting the will of the trustees and of the people that fund this board well folks I was not looking upon an optical delusion after all we are in the duffen Peele Catholic District School Board and lo and behold here is the pride flag you know tucked away next to the exit but the resolution to fly this flag went down to defeat I’m uh David menes with Rebel news and uh I’m just wondering is uh maranne mazerat here oh she’s in a meeting yeah she’s not here she’s outside oh she like virtual okay what about uh Bruce Campbell is he here Bruce is he’s also at a meeting off oh okay I I’ll tell you why we’re here um we were here on Tuesday for the Schoolboard meeting and the resolution to fly the pride flag was voted down but there’s a a pride flag right over at Exit SE why is that there yes sir Bruce how you doing hey how you doing Mr Bruce is it yeah hey how you doing okay then who would you be sir Bruce Campbell oh you’re Bruce Campell okay then yes how did you get in the building well we just walked in well shouldn’t be shouldn’t be just walking in how can I help you Bruce here is the reason for our visit what is a pride flag doing here when that motion went down to Def feet on Tuesday the motion was related to Flying the flag not displaying the flag internally oh really isn’t that sort of a sneaky way of getting around it that’s the motion okay then and when did this flag go up um don’t recall probably early June first of June oh okay then and there’s not been any complaints about that or I haven’t heard any okay then so as long as it’s not literally flying in the wind it is allowed to be here correct correct that’s the most they’re allowed to be displayed inside schools during the and this goes for any Flags related to any obser observation um event so they allowed to be in for during the for the duration of the observation period but Bruce the um point that was made over and over again on Tuesday was that with the Canadian flag at every Catholic school and the cross surely this is inclusive of everybody why do we need a flag such as this one right come on can we do this outside we’re going to oh sure okay I guess we’re going to take this outside I mean Are you ashamed about us talking about this flag or no you’re not authorized to be in the building and okay we can do this right here and you know I think we’re going to wrap this up in a second oh okay then well I’m not trying to make this hostile is this some um an initiative of Maryanne ma mazerat the Director of Education you saw the you saw the tape of the board meeting this is uh this is a motion put forward and carried by the Board of Trustees it’s a Board of Trustees decision but it it seems to be weasel words in the fine print the idea that the motion went down and you’re saying because that’s not literally flying in the wind it’s just sort of on display on a flag pole aren’t we uh you know sort of mincing words here no that’s two completely different things well flying on flag pole displaying inside a facility two completely different things okay and to my point that we have a Canadian flag we have the cross is that not inclusive of all students going to this school board there are many there are many signs of of inclusiveness in the school board um having flags of related to various observation periods are are you know we have um many different if it’s a Italian Heritage Month you can display the Italian flag inside the school there’s no difference okay then so but the Italian Heritage flag would not be allowed to fly I take it no flying the only Flags there the three flags do you have the Canadian where you have one flag pole which is all schools uh two flag polls you can have the Canadian and provincial flag and if any facilities are three this is one of the few in our board that have three polls then you can fly a flag related to a lurgical season of the Catholic church and Bruce I’m glad you brought that up we happen to notice coming in through the main entrance there is indeed three flag poles there’s a Canadian flag the interial provincial flag but there’s nothing on the third flag pole um what is would I guess were many trustees or was the director so sure the motion was going to get through that the pride flag was going to fly from that third poll no the the third the the lurgical flag we don’t we don’t have one yet and that was part of the motion so we’re in the process of of uh getting the flag for that third poll oh okay what usually flies there then uh we have a Duff peel flag oh okay then why not put the duff peel flag up look we’re talking about the motion you saw you you you know you’re aware of the motion yeah and there’s no we’re not flying the different peel flag anymore we’re not flying any other flag it would be a lurgical flag okay okay thanks very much appreciate the okay then um well thank you for your time uh Bruce and uh uh when do you expect the lurgical flag to be on the third poll in we’re in the process okay then all right thanks thank you well folks before Lincoln J and I were so rudely ushered out the tradesman’s entrance of the uh duffen Peele Catholic District School Board this was precisely what I was asking uh Mr Campbell about as you can see there are three flag polls an onaral flag a Canadian flag and nothing on the third flag pole my theory is that the Director of Education was so sure it was going to be a slam dunk on Tuesday that the pride flag was going to go up here how else can you explain the fact that there’s no flag here right now it’s baffling in the meantime I’m not really buying this explanation that the motion that was defeated only applied to Flags flapping in the breeze I think when that motion was defeated the parents that were supportive of it the trustees that voted against it what they wanted was that that rainbow flag would not be anywhere on the property I think the communications fellow here at the school board I think he’s uh you know looking at fine print weasel words to get that rainbow flag up but now that we have exposed this let’s see in the days ahead now that the trustees and the parents know about what I think is a sneaky runaround the vote to get the pride flag up let’s see what happens then indeed let’s run this up the flag pole see who salute for Rebel news I’m David the menzo Menses well folks talk about sore losers a at least those who wanted the pride flag to go up that motion Was Defeated here at the duffen Peele Catholic District School Board and guess what there is a pride flag flying inside the headquarters unbelievable can you help me out here can you go to stop classroom that’s stop classroom add your name to our petition and if you’re able to kindly make a donation

| Sneak play! A motion to raise the Pride flag by members of an Ontario-based Catholic school board was recently defeated, but the board is displaying a Pride flag nevertheless.

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  1. You're never going to get a satisfactory response or resolution out of Bruce Campbell. The man is a professional weasel and political tap dancer. I say this with over 20 years of experience of having children in the Dufferin Peel Roman Catholic School Board. Bruce Campbell is the mouthpiece the Board hides behind when tasked with having to explain or defend it's decisions and policies. It's a very sad day that these individuals choose to play games and three card monty with the Pride flag in petty response to having their motion defeated. They will continue to obfuscate and stubbornly dig their heels into the ground until the end of June marks the end of the school year and it all becomes a moot point. It's how Campbell and his underlings conduct themselves. I've seen it before and will no doubt continue seeing it in the future whenever thought, opinion and decisions collide. Making your voice heard and standing on your values is important but never lose sight of the fact that the home is a child's bedrock, schools come and schools go but the values instilled in your children at home will last a lifetime.

  2. If Pierre Poilievre does not defund CBC if he becomes our new PM then he should be turfed since they have comments turned off 99% of the time.I want the Jolly Roger as our new flag,and I want the CBC brass to have all their assets seized and have them jailed for their million dollar bonuses they allocate for themselves while they are a failing fake news propaganda machine.

  3. Bruce Campbell and the Catholic School Board are openly defying the will of school board voters and Catholic values by subverting and promoting the sexual brainwashing of young children. This is betrayal of their duty of the worst kind and offending officials should be fired.

  4. My interpretation of NOT flying the flag was that it is banned school wide in every form. No stickers on the doors, no flags flown in individual offices or on people's desks, etc. No wearing rainbow sweaters, hats, etc. Just to get it into the school is some form. Absolutely NO flags in any configuration, period. Guess it has to be spelled out for people in the education sector.
    Well done David and Lincoln Jay on camera.

  5. Keep at them David M. Shame on these trustees. Pushing the celebration of people’s sexual predilections and idolizing the symbol of that, which is totally offensive to me and what Catholics believe. Give Christian meaning back to the rainbow and stop using it for perverse purposes. Time for a new board that understands what they believe and why they believe it, because this current bunch has no clue and as a result are an offence to God and those who follow Him.

  6. i think a newsletter circulated to all school parents and Im pretty sure the school board will be voted down once more…let that stupid disgraceful flag be flown in the private toilet of the woke administrator who put it there

  7. Read up on the ummm crozzz drezzer who invented this flag, the child "lover" who invented the trans flag, and the founders & biggest advocates/"non profit" (human rights campaign) of pride inc. NO WAY should any of this be allowed in any public schools anywhere in the world.

  8. But who is behind all that? Pushing for that flag to be on the school property? It’s against catholic values. Parents are against it. But who then is imposing that flag on the school’s property and forcing it in people’s throat?


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