Canada’s Historic Milestone: First Paid Flight in an Electric Aircraft Takes Off

The Velis Electro runs on two 200-pound batteries that supply enough energy for nearly 50 minutes of flying time. (CTV News)

"Canada’s First Paid Electric Flight Takes Off on Vancouver Island"

A Historic Flight

Sealand Flight, a small flight school on Vancouver Island, made history by completing Canada’s first paid flight in an electric aircraft. The flight took off from the Campbell River airport with an instructor and student onboard. The student, paying $20 for the honor, even got a chance to take control of the aircraft high above the city.

Innovative Technology

The aircraft, a Pipistrel Velis Electro, was developed in Europe and cost Sealand approximately a quarter of a million dollars. This groundbreaking plane runs on two 200-pound batteries, providing nearly 50 minutes of flying time. The cost of electricity for a 45-minute flight is under $2, making it a more affordable option compared to traditional gas-powered planes.

The Future of Aviation

Despite the advantages of electric aircraft, there are still limitations to consider. The flying time is restricted to under an hour, and the combined weight of the two individuals onboard cannot exceed 400 pounds. Additionally, the aircraft takes nearly an hour to charge once plugged in. However, pilots who have flown the Velis Electro note that it behaves similarly to its gas-powered counterparts, with the added benefits of being quieter and emissions-free.

Looking Forward

While the adoption of electric flights on a larger scale in Canada is still limited by current technology, the professionals at Sealand remain optimistic about the future. Piloting the Velis Electro is not only practical but also enjoyable, with one pilot describing it as a "blast."

In conclusion, the successful completion of Canada’s first paid electric flight marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry. As technology continues to advance, electric aircraft may soon become a more common sight in the skies, offering a cleaner and more sustainable option for air travel."



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