Winnipeg students honor local first responders in heartwarming celebration

Winnipeg students celebrate first responders - Winnipeg

“Students at Meadows West School in Winnipeg showed their gratitude for the city’s first responders in a heartwarming display of appreciation. From research projects to personalized gifts, the students went above and beyond to show their support for these dedicated individuals.

A Small Gesture Turns into Something Big

The initiative, spearheaded by Grade 5 teacher Dave Leochko, started with simple holiday cards for first responders. However, it quickly evolved into a grand open house event where more than a dozen first responders were honored for their hard work. The students interacted with the first responders, treating them like heroes and expressing their gratitude through various gestures.

Chief Christian Schmidt of the Fire and Paramedic Services expressed his gratitude for the students’ recognition, highlighting the importance of such gestures in boosting the morale of first responders. The event not only showed appreciation for their service but also inspired future leaders in the room to consider a career in emergency services.

A Tribute to a Fallen Hero

The event took on a deeper meaning following the tragic loss of firefighter Preston Heinbigner, who died by suicide while on duty. In a touching gesture, the students raised $675 for Heinbigner’s family, showcasing their support and solidarity during a difficult time. MLA and former firefighter David Pankratz commended the students for their compassionate act, emphasizing the impact of their kindness on the community.

A Glimmer of Hope

The generosity of the students came at a time when the Fire Department received some positive news – the acceptance of a claim submitted on Heinbigner’s behalf to the Workers Compensation Board. Union president Tom Bilous acknowledged the challenging months the department had faced but expressed hope for better days ahead. The gesture of the students and the progress on Heinbigner’s case symbolize a glimmer of hope for the future of first responders in Winnipeg.

In conclusion, the support and appreciation shown by the students at Meadows West School serve as a reminder of the profound impact small gestures can have on those who dedicate their lives to serving the community. It highlights the importance of recognizing the sacrifices and hard work of first responders, while also shedding light on the mental health challenges they may face. Through empathy and compassion, we can create a more supportive and understanding environment for those who risk their lives for our safety.”



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