Way more transit, housing and trees: Montreal lays out vision for 2050


you may have asked yourself the question what is Montreal going to look like in a quarter of a century well that’s what this new urbanism and Mobility plan is trying to answer what does the Montreal of 2050 look like let’s look at some of the details so first of all the city is talking about housing and by 20150 they want to see 200,000 new units built and that would include 20% of those that are off market so things like social housing another big issue that we talk about often is public transit and by 2050 the city is targeting three 60 km of public transit routes compared to the 80 that we have now and that would mean that roughly 70% of trips taken in Montreal could be taken by public transit or by active Mobility so something like riding a bike you may have also heard of this idea called the 15minute city well Montreal wants in on that and basically what it means is that 75% of montrealers would be able to take a 15-minute walk to public transit or to go pick up everyday essentials and finally there’s the idea of Greening Montreal 2050 the city wants 40% of the territory green and that would include a tree planting Blitz all over the city but especially in these darker red areas of the map and you can see there is a lot of dark red here so it would be a big job here’s what Montreal mayor Val plant had to say about the scope of this plan what the such a plan does is to start from high to say okay if we’re able to have more density in an area that brings more promoters or builders that means more unit that brings more money then there’s public transport you know it’s almost like a puzzle let’s talk a little bit more about public transit so first of all the city wants to increase the number of reserved bus lanes and they’re represented on this map by these red dotted lines you can see you’ve got some going from south to North a few that are going Eastward and you even have one here in the West Island but that’s only part of the plan this is what Montreal’s public transit map looks like right now and that includes the future REM stations you’ve got the Metro you’ve got reserved bus lanes but this is what the city wants want it to look like by 2050 you can see a lot more lines and a lot more color I want to draw your attention to these pink lines all over the place that would actually be a brand new Tramway system that’s kind of pivotal to what Montreal is talking about here for 2050 now I talked to an urban planning Professor about this plan including the transit Ambitions and the housing Ambitions I would qualify more as aspirations rather than things the city can do and the reason is that the city doesn’t actually have the money to build 200,000 houses it doesn’t have the money to extend the public transport Network so underlying all these aspirations which do give an idea of where the city would like toe is the critical question of where is the money going to come from to actually develop the plan and implement it now if you want to see the whole plan it is available online but I’m warning you now it’s very long hundreds of pages so Brew yourself a nice big pot of coffee first and there is going to be a public consultation so you can have your say on the Montreal of 2050

Mayor Valérie Plante has unveiled her administration’s idea of what the city should look like in 26 years, including hundreds of thousands of new homes, a dense tree canopy and a vast network of tramways.

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