Vernon’s Canada Day Celebration Insurance Coverage Requirements for Society Organization

Organizing society required to cover insurance for Vernon’s Canada Day celebration

“City Council Approves Canada Day Celebrations with a Catch

The recent city council meeting on Monday, June 10, shed light on the preparations for the upcoming Canada Day celebration. The city has a history of supporting the event financially and with resources. This year, a $12,000 tax-funded contribution was earmarked for the festivities, showcasing the commitment of the city to make the celebration a success. City staff are geared up to collaborate closely with the organizing VOICE Society for a seamless execution of the event.

Insurance Concerns and Uncertainties

However, a new development surfaced during the meeting when city staff recommended that the VOICE Society arrange for their own insurance for the event, while also adding the city as an additional insured party. This raised questions among council members, with Coun. Brian Guy seeking clarity on the potential cost of the insurance. While an exact figure was not available, a rough estimate of under $800 was suggested by Chris Ovens, Vernon’s General Manager of Public Works.

City-Minded Approach and Community Involvement

In response to the insurance issue, Mayor Victor Cumming urged Ovens to collaborate with the society and investigate further if the insurance cost seems exorbitant. Despite this hurdle, council unanimously approved the Canada Day celebration and related activities, showing their support by issuing a business license and events permit to the VOICE Society, contingent on the society securing adequate liability insurance.

Ending the meeting on a positive note, Mayor Cumming confirmed that fireworks would not be part of this year’s celebrations due to fire risk concerns. However, he emphasized that it would still be a day filled with community spirit, live music, and a variety of engaging activities for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, as preparations for the Canada Day celebration continue, the city council’s cautious yet supportive approach sets a balanced tone. While navigating uncertainties like insurance requirements, their commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable community event remains unwavering. Let’s look forward to coming together as a community to celebrate our nation’s pride on Canada Day.”



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