Drought Leading Risk Factor for Summer Wildfires in Canada, Experts Say

Canada wildfires: Drought 'huge driver' for risk this summer

“Drought-Stricken Canada Brace for Intense Wildfire Season: A Cause for Concern”

As summer approaches, emergency officials in Ottawa and British Columbia are sending out a warning signal – the looming threat of intense wildfires due to severe drought conditions. The lead fire weather forecaster for the BC Wildfire Service, Matt MacDonald, emphasized the potential for large and challenging fires as the core of the fire season, July and August, approaches.

Concerns in British Columbia

The low snowpack in British Columbia, currently at only 57 per cent of the norm, has raised alarm bells among officials. This limited snowpack will have a ripple effect, impacting surface runoff, stream flows, and fuel moisture recharge. The combination of these factors sets the stage for a potentially dangerous situation in the coming months.

High-Risk Regions Identified

Emergency Preparedness Minister Harjit Sajjan highlighted the regions at highest risk of wildfires, including northeastern British Columbia, northern Alberta, south central Northwest Territories, and northern Quebec. Despite a relatively slow start to the fire season, the impending rise in temperatures poses a significant threat.

Investment in Wildfire Preparedness

The Canadian government has taken proactive measures to equip itself for the upcoming wildfire season. Energy and Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson highlighted the investments made to bolster firefighting efforts, with a focus on training more firefighters and providing financial support for firefighting equipment. The government’s readiness to tackle wildfires is evident in its allocation of funds and resources to ensure preparedness.

Empowering Evacuees in B.C.

In British Columbia, efforts are being made to ease the burden on fire evacuees by increasing accommodation allowances and offering more flexible financial support options. B.C.’s Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness, Bowinn Ma, emphasized the importance of empowering individuals to make informed decisions during times of crisis.


As Canada braces itself for a potentially challenging wildfire season, it is essential for all levels of government to work collaboratively to mitigate risks and protect communities. The threat of intense wildfires serves as a stark reminder of the impact of climate change and the urgent need for proactive measures to adapt to changing environmental conditions. It is crucial for individuals to stay informed, prepared, and vigilant in the face of this imminent challenge.



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