Mississauga election: Carolyn Parrish replaces Bonnie Crombie as mayor


Matt while the winner may not be a surprise here this race had its twists and turns Tracy Carn Parish will be the next mayor of Mrs Saga the third person to take that position since 1978 is going to be stronger now because you’re going to have three mayors that actually get along after thanking supporters mayor elect Caroline Parish ditched Her speech and fired a shot across the bow of the Ford and Trudeau governments vowing to fight to get more money for her residents I think we all work together we can get more for our people like a new deal maybe another new deal yeah but her first step will be addressing the affordable housing crisis which she says has forced far too many young people to leave Miss Saga the first step is to get the best developers and builders that we’ve got in our city and bring them in to be my advisers Parish will replace Bonnie cromby who showed up to the parish party ecstatic Carolyn has won uh she’s ushering in the next 50 years of our history three other cting mississaga counselors fought to take these City’s top job and all three will remain on councel I think we can find some common ground on a lot of issues while she has her own plans Miss Saga voters have a lot of expectations for their next mayor probably affordable housing Auto thefts which are going unchecked unrestricted next mayor has got to fill big shoes so between Hazel and Bonnie for now parish is vowing to take problems on one at a time drawing on her ear years of experience Tracy all right our Matthew Bingley reporting in Miss Saga tonight thanks Matt

Former MP and local councillor Carolyn Parrish has won the race to be Mississauga’s next mayor to replace Bonnie Crombie, according to unofficial results from the Ontario city, after a tense campaign that featured four councillors.

Voting in two municipal byelections wrapped up at 8 p.m. local time on Monday evening, with a new Ward 5 councillor also selected.

Unofficial results shared on the city’s website had Parrish in first place with more than 43,000 votes and Alvin Tedjo in second at over 34,000. Dipika Damerla sat in third, while Stephen Dasko polled in fourth.

Global’s Matthew Bingley reports on the results.

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