Boil water advisory lifted in Bowness as Calgary feeder main repairs continue


people in the bonus neighborhood in Calgary can safely drink water from their home Taps again the boil water advisory for that Community was lifted Monday evening it became necessary after a section of a major feeder water M broke last week the City of Calgary says changes were made to allow safe and clean water to bypass the damaged Main in order to reach boness Alberta Health Services says the water in the community is now satisfactory but repair work and testing will take at least a few more days so water use restrictions are still in place the mayor is asking people to keep doing their part in reducing how much water they use you and I need to make sure that we’re not using any outdoor water and inside our homes we need to stick with limiting shower times toilet fleshes and dishwasher and laundry loads

A boil water advisory in the Bowness neighbourhood was lifted Monday, as work continues to repair a feeder water main break in Calgary.
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