Beverley McLachlin, former Chief Justice, retires from Hong Kong’s top court

Former chief justice says online harms bill will likely face court challenge

“Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, has made the decision to retire from the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal as she reaches the age limit for a judge. Her impending departure has sparked discussions and debates surrounding the role of foreign judges in Hong Kong’s judicial system.

An End to an Era

After serving two consecutive three-year terms, McLachlin’s retirement is scheduled for July 29th, 2024. Looking back on her time at the court, she expressed confidence in its ability to remain independent and uphold the rule of law. Her tenure, however, has not been without controversy.

A Polarizing Presence

Critics have long questioned the involvement of foreign judges in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, especially in the wake of China’s increasing control over the region. McLachlin’s association with the court has been scrutinized for potentially lending credibility to a system under scrutiny for its authoritarian practices.

Voices of Dissent

Some argue that McLachlin’s presence, as well as that of other foreign judges, provides a false legitimacy to a legal system that no longer upholds true rule of law. Concerns have been raised about the facade of justice that foreign judges may unwittingly contribute to in Hong Kong. There are those who believe that the presence of foreign judges, like McLachlin, only perpetuates an illusion rather than upholding genuine legal principles.

Legacy and Impact

McLachlin’s legacy as Canada’s longest-serving Chief Justice is celebrated, with many landmark rulings to her name. However, her role in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal has raised questions about the responsibilities and consequences of foreign judges in a politically charged climate.

In Conclusion

As Beverley McLachlin prepares to step down from her position, the debate surrounding the involvement of foreign judges in Hong Kong’s judicial system continues. It prompts us to consider the complexities of international justice, the nuances of legal autonomy, and the implications of such decisions on the global stage. The legacy of McLachlin’s tenure in Hong Kong serves as a reminder of the intersecting realms of law, politics, and ethics in today’s increasingly interconnected world.”



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