Why Canada’s Latest Defence Policy is Failing to Impress American Analysts


“Is Canada Falling Short on Defence Spending? A Wake-Up Call from NATO”

As tensions rise and global threats loom, Canada’s defence spending has come under scrutiny from our allies south of the border. According to NATO, Canada’s current defence spending only ranks ahead of Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg – a concerning revelation that has not gone unnoticed by U.S. politicians.

Caught in the Crosshairs of Criticism

In a letter released by a bipartisan group of U.S. senators, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was urged to meet the NATO requirement of committing at least two percent of GDP to defence spending. This call to action highlights a longstanding issue that Vice-Admiral Mark Norman describes as a lack of seriousness when it comes to defence and security matters.

Facing the Reality of Inadequate Defence Spending

Despite recent efforts by the Canadian government to increase defence spending, experts believe there is still a significant gap to bridge before reaching the two percent benchmark set by NATO. With countries like Poland, the United States, and the UK exceeding the target, Canada’s lagging contributions are raising concerns about our commitment to collective security.

A Bilateral Issue with Global Implications

As the political landscape shifts and the possibility of another Trump presidency looms, the pressure to increase defence spending is mounting. With bipartisan support among U.S. senators on the issue, maintaining a strong relationship with Washington is crucial for Canada’s security and economic stability. Failure to address these concerns could have far-reaching consequences not only for our relationship with the United States but also for our global partnerships.


The time has come for Canada to step up and meet its obligations to our allies and to global security. As the geopolitical landscape grows increasingly complex, our commitment to defence spending is more important than ever. It’s not just a matter of meeting benchmarks, but a question of standing as a reliable and dedicated partner on the world stage. Let’s heed this wake-up call from NATO and ensure that we are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow, together.



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