Vancouver School Board considering motion to limit cellphone use in schools – British Columbia: Review now

Vancouver School Board to review motion to restrict cellphone use in schools - BC

“Are cell phones a distraction or a necessity in schools? This is the question Vancouver School Board trustees are grappling with as they consider implementing restrictions on cell phone use in schools.

**The Motion for Change**

Board chair Victoria Jung has put forward a motion that not only calls for restrictions on cell phones in schools, but also proposes that students up to Grade 6 keep their phones on silent and out of sight during school hours. This motion has sparked a heated debate among trustees and stakeholders in the education system.

The province is also adding pressure on school districts to introduce restrictions on cell phone use before the next school year. This directive highlights the growing concern over the impact of cell phones on student learning and well-being.

**Different Perspectives**

In Quebec, cell phones are already banned in schools except for learning activities. This strict policy has been successful in minimizing distractions and promoting a more focused learning environment. On the other hand, some argue that cell phones can be valuable tools for learning and communication, and outright bans may hinder students’ ability to engage with technology in a positive way.


As the debate over cell phone use in schools rages on, it is important to consider all perspectives and weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of restricting cell phone use. Finding a balance between harnessing the benefits of technology and minimizing distractions is crucial in ensuring a productive and healthy learning environment for all students.”



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