University of Toronto files for injunction to end encampment


The University of Toronto has filed for an injunction to evict the pro-Palestinian encampment. Annie Bergeron-Oliver reports.

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  1. What do psychiatrists call someone who supports, condones or just doesn't care at all about the mass slaughter of unarmed women and children?

    Psychopath or sociopath. LOOK IT UP.

    If you don't support an immediate, and permanent, ceasefire in Gaza do you know which one you are?

  2. Drake didn't file a injunction. Private property owners call police to be immediately removed. Wtf these terrorists supporters have special privileges to break laws. Deport every one in emcampments for breaking laws. Fire all officer and puce chief not upholding yhe law. Canada giving special privileges to law breakers, when canadains get arrested immediately tress passing. Trudeau's Ford's as joke too bussy making closed door deals giving billions money away.

  3. This is crazy. How can non tax paying students who depend on government and private funding waste time, energy, and tax payer funds, but authorities cannot find a way to evict them from public property. What a shame on university authorities.


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