The Front Bench on Conservatives backing ‘anti-scab’ legislation | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos


The Front Bench panel discusses the Conservatives’ support for the government’s ‘anti-scab’ legislation and the fight for workers’ votes.

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  1. But the union bosses are trying to force the worker to vote their way. The workers are not the unions property. The union bosses need to be cleaned up and stop dictating to the workers who pay dues to work

  2. We should ALL be happy that for once all parties agreed and voted for something that will benefit the workers in this country, even if there's still some wrinkles in the bill, at least it's a start, all canadians for Canada!!!!

  3. Pierre Poilievre has a long history of attacking Unions and dividing workers and was the loudest supporter of the anti-union bill C-377…How can anybody who's in a Union vote for Poo Poo Poilievre.


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