Solidarity rally for Jewish girls’ school shot at by masked gunmen


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Ezra Levant reports from Toronto, where a solidarity rally was being held after a Jewish girls’ school was shot at by masked gunmen over the weekend. Despite a strong turnout from Jews, non-Jews and politicians, no Liberals — including the local MP, Ya’ara Saks — came out to show their support.
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  1. I’m literally in tears crying because our liberal government has shown such a blatant disregard for certain races and religious groups (even in his own caucus) and not putting a stop to this madness, terrifying, illegal discrimination violence against Jewish people or anyone who supports Jews. Yet they activated the wars emergency act against peaceful protests who were defending their rights and jobs!

  2. Ya'ara Saks is THE #1 reason why females should NEVER be in any exec position at any time. With apologies to Golda Meir ( at least the Golda prior to Sept 1973). The #2 reason is Joly who has the audacity to tell Israel to invoke the two state soln while NEVER resolving the Canada Quebec separation that has caused so much damage to the country and demands that Canada waste billions on translation services

  3. Support to Jewish people from a New Zealander. Never again is now. Thankyou Rebel news for shining a light on these antisemitic people acting in a dispicable way. How to get history facts out to universities across the world, I spoke to a young woman working in a university in NZ and her take on the conflict in the Middle East was incorrect on the simplest of fact, and her beliefs have obviously originated from America and spread across the world. The indoctrination which has been happening over the years is a danger to Western civilisation, these young people will go on to work in politics, media and so on. It needs addressing. I am hearing Qatar has been funding American universities and having their people put into roles, im not clear on it but also an Iranian women on Dr Phil was explaining, haven't had chance to fully watch that.


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