Quebec police probe theft of 75 cattle herd

Quebec police investigating after entire herd of 75 cattle allegedly stolen

“Imagine waking up one morning to tend to your beloved herd of Black Angus cattle, only to find that they have mysteriously disappeared. This nightmare became a harsh reality for Jonathan Fortin, co-owner of Ferme ForThe in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

The Shocking Discovery

Fortin’s heart sank as he realized that his field was empty, with no sign of his 75 precious animals in sight. Upon further inspection, he noticed tire tracks and a dismantled fence, indicating that the disappearance was not accidental but rather a calculated theft.

The Investigation Commences

Quebec provincial police quickly launched an investigation into what appeared to be a case of modern cattle rustling. With the sheer number of livestock stolen, it was clear that the perpetrators would require specialized equipment and a secure location to conceal their loot.

The Emotional Toll

The loss of approximately $200,000 worth of livestock dealt a devastating blow to Fortin, who poured four years of hard work and savings into building up his farm. The thought of starting from scratch was not only financially daunting but emotionally draining as well.

The Unknown Future

As Fortin waits for justice and hopes for the safe return of his animals, he faces the harsh reality of potential financial ruin. Without insurance coverage for theft, he may have to slowly rebuild his herd while juggling his second job to make ends meet.

A Call for Solidarity

Theft of livestock is not just a financial crime; it’s a violation of hard work, dedication, and a way of life. It serves as a harsh reminder of the vulnerability of farmers and the need for increased security measures to protect their livelihoods.

In conclusion, the story of Jonathan Fortin’s stolen herd serves as a wake-up call to the agricultural community and society as a whole. It raises important questions about the safety and security of our farms and the impact of such crimes on the lives of hardworking individuals. Let us stand together in support of those like Fortin, who face adversity with resilience and hope for a better tomorrow.”



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