Ontario Privacy Commissioner Investigating Deleted Greenbelt Emails: Click Here to Learn More

Ontario privacy commissioner probing deleted Greenbelt emails

“Investigation Into the Greenbelt: What You Need to Know”

Ontario’s privacy commissioner, Patricia Kosseim, has announced plans to release a special report focusing on the use of non-government emails and deleted messages in relation to the Greenbelt controversy. This move comes after NDP Leader Marit Stiles raised concerns about the premier and government staffers using personal phones and emails for official purposes.

The Greenbelt Issue Unraveled

Back in late 2022, the Doug Ford government made the controversial decision to remove land from the protected Greenbelt in order to construct 50,000 homes. This decision sparked public outrage and led to investigations by both the auditor general and the integrity commissioner, revealing favoritism towards certain developers in the process. Eventually, under mounting pressure, Ford reversed the decision and the RCMP is now looking into the entire Greenbelt removal process.

What the Investigations Have Uncovered

In a letter to Stiles, Kosseim disclosed that her office is currently handling 19 active access-to-information appeals similar to the concerns raised by the NDP. Additionally, the auditor general found evidence that political staff had used personal emails alongside government accounts for Greenbelt-related matters, with some emails even being deleted. These actions were deemed inappropriate and raised serious questions about transparency and accountability in the government.

Awaiting the Special Report

While the privacy commissioner did not provide a specific timeline for the publication of her special report, she emphasized the importance of transparency in government actions. The report aims to consolidate findings, provide a comprehensive summary of conclusions, and shed light on access to information issues surrounding changes to the Greenbelt. Kosseim’s focus on rebuilding public trust through transparency underscores the significance of this investigation.

A Call for Accountability

Stiles expressed the NDP’s support for the privacy commissioner’s initiative, highlighting the need for clarity regarding the government’s conduct in the Greenbelt saga. The revelations of deleted emails, the use of personal accounts, and alleged cover-up attempts have raised serious concerns about the integrity of the decision-making process. By holding those responsible for such actions accountable, the report has the potential to restore faith in governmental processes.

In Conclusion

The upcoming special report by the privacy commissioner serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking answers and accountability in the Greenbelt controversy. As Ontario stands at a crossroads between development and conservation, the findings of the report will not only shape the future of the Greenbelt but also set a precedent for transparency and accountability in government actions. Only time will tell the full extent of the impact of this investigation, but one thing is certain – the public demands and deserves the truth.”



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